Navigating Your Interview at a Dispensary Questions & Answers

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so do opportunities in the bustling dispensary sector. If you are passionate about cannabis products and have a desire to work in a dynamic, rapidly evolving industry, then scoring a role at a dispensary might be your next great career move. But to do that, you must shine in the interview. In this article, we shall delve into an array of potential questions that you could face and provide insights on how to respond to them excellently.

To help you prep for this crucial step, we have compiled a list of the top 23 questions that are commonly asked during interviews at dispensaries. These questions span a range of topics, from your understanding of the industry to customer service and more. Understanding what to expect will not only help you feel more confident but also demonstrate to your potential employers that you are informed and eager to take on the role.

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Top 23 Dispensary Interview Questions and Answers (with samples)

Now, let’s delve deeper into the questions, equipping you with the ammunition to set a sterling performance during your interview. Each question comes with a detailed explanation and a sample answer to guide you in crafting your responses.

1. Can you tell us about your experience with cannabis products?

Here, the interviewer is seeking to understand your knowledge and experience with cannabis products. It’s beneficial to share your honest experience while highlighting how it can help you in your role at the dispensary.

Sample Answer

“I have been a medical cannabis user for several years, and I have taken time to learn about various strains and their effects. This firsthand experience gives me a deep understanding of the products, which I believe would help in advising customers adequately.”

2. Why do you want to work in a dispensary?

This question gauges your interest and understanding of the dispensary environment. Make sure to illustrate your passion for the industry and how your skills align with the job role.

Sample Answer

“I have always been fascinated by the therapeutic potential of cannabis products. Working in a dispensary would allow me to merge my passion for helping others with my interest in the cannabis industry, providing guidance to customers and helping them find products that meet their needs.”

3. How would you handle a customer who is dissatisfied with a product?

With this question, the interviewer is looking for your problem-solving and customer service skills. Provide an answer that showcases your ability to handle complaints professionally while maintaining a customer-friendly demeanor.

Sample Answer

“I would listen attentively to the customer’s concerns without interruption, showing empathy and understanding. After fully understanding the issue, I would offer possible solutions such as suggesting a different product or offering a refund, always adhering to the dispensary’s policies.”

This question assesses your understanding of the regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry. Mention the necessity to verify the customer’s age, adherence to quantity restrictions, and compliance with state and local regulations.

Sample Answer

“Ensuring compliance with all local and state regulations is paramount. This includes verifying the age of all customers, adhering to purchase limit regulations, and ensuring all products are sourced from licensed suppliers. Regular training and staying updated on regulatory changes would be essential to maintain compliance.”

5. Can you give an example of when you provided excellent customer service?

Here, you need to illustrate your customer service skills with a practical example. Sharing a story where you went above and beyond to satisfy a customer will be a plus here.

Sample Answer

“At my previous job in a retail setting, a customer was looking for a product that was out of stock. I took the extra step to check with other nearby stores, located the item, and arranged for the customer to pick it up. The customer was very grateful for the effort.”

The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly. This question tests your initiative and willingness to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Sample Answer

“I plan to subscribe to relevant newsletters, blogs, and forums that focus on the cannabis industry. I also intend to join local communities and networks to stay informed about the latest trends, research, and legal developments.”

7. What do you believe are the most significant challenges facing the cannabis industry today?

This question looks to assess your knowledge of the broader industry landscape. Highlight a few key challenges such as regulatory hurdles, market competition, or stigma, and briefly describe how they affect the industry.

Sample Answer

“Some of the key challenges include constantly changing regulations that create a complex landscape for dispensaries to operate in. Additionally, there is a significant level of competition, and businesses must work hard to differentiate themselves. The lingering stigma surrounding cannabis use also presents a barrier to reaching a broader customer base.”

8. How would you identify signs of potential misuse or abuse in a customer?

Understanding the responsible sale of cannabis products is crucial in this role. Here, the interviewer is checking if you can identify red flags and act responsibly.

Sample Answer

“Signs of misuse could include a customer frequently exceeding purchase limits, apparent intoxication, or asking questions that indicate a lack of knowledge about safe consumption. In such cases, I would prioritize their safety and the community’s by refusing sale while educating them on safe consumption practices.”

9. Can you discuss the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains?

Demonstrating knowledge of basic cannabis terminology is important here. Explain the general characteristics of each strain type and how they might affect a user.

Sample Answer

“Indica strains are generally known to provide relaxing and calming effects, often used in the evening or for relaxation. Sativa strains offer more uplifting and energetic effects, suitable for daytime use. Hybrid strains are a blend of both and can offer a balanced effect depending on the dominant strain. It is essential to guide customers based on the effects they desire.”

10. How would you handle a situation where a team member is not fulfilling their responsibilities?

Showcase your team spirit and conflict resolution skills here. It is important to demonstrate that you can handle internal conflicts maturely and professionally.

Sample Answer

“In such a situation, I would first approach the team member privately to understand if there are any underlying issues preventing them from fulfilling their duties. If necessary, I’d suggest they communicate their challenges to the supervisor to find a constructive solution, maintaining a positive and cooperative working environment.”

In this question, the interviewer is assessing your commitment to abiding by the legal stipulations and ethical considerations associated with cannabis sale. Make sure to showcase your understanding of responsible selling principles.

Sample Answer

“First and foremost, I would ensure the customer meets the legal age requirement. Next, I would engage them in a conversation to gauge their knowledge and intention. I would also educate them on safe consumption practices and the potential effects of different products, helping them make informed and responsible choices.”

12. How knowledgeable are you about the different modes of cannabis consumption?

Through this question, your understanding of the various forms in which cannabis can be consumed will be examined. Your answer should demonstrate a good understanding of different consumption methods and their effects.

Sample Answer

“I am familiar with various modes of cannabis consumption including smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Each method has its unique characteristics; for instance, edibles take longer to produce effects but last longer compared to smoking. Understanding these nuances allows for guiding customers to a method that suits their preferences and needs.”

13. How do you think a dispensary can foster a positive relationship with the community?

The interviewer is trying to gauge your understanding of community relations and corporate social responsibility. Your answer should touch on community engagement and education.

Sample Answer

“A dispensary can foster a positive relationship with the community through regular engagement and educational outreach programs. Offering workshops on safe cannabis use, participating in community events, and collaborating with local artists or businesses can build a favorable reputation and establish a sense of community trust.”

14. Why is customer education important in a dispensary setting?

This question tests your understanding of the importance of guiding customers towards informed choices. Mention how education can foster safety and customer satisfaction.

Sample Answer

“Customer education is pivotal in ensuring safe and responsible cannabis use. By educating customers on different strains, consumption methods, and potential effects, we can guide them to make informed decisions, enhancing their experience and encouraging safe practices. It builds trust and can lead to a loyal customer base.”

15. How do you stay calm and composed in high-pressure situations?

Here, the interviewer aims to understand your resilience and composure in challenging scenarios. Illustrate with examples from your past experiences.

Sample Answer

“In high-pressure situations, I tend to slow down and take a moment to analyze the situation before reacting. I prioritize tasks and focus on one thing at a time, preventing overwhelm. In my previous role, during peak hours, maintaining calm helped in efficient service and in mitigating errors.”

16. Can you tell us about a time you improved a process at your previous job?

Showcase your proactive approach and problem-solving skills through an instance where you facilitated an improvement in operational processes.

Sample Answer

“At my previous job, I noticed the inventory tracking system was outdated, leading to frequent stock discrepancies. I suggested implementing a digital inventory management system, which once implemented, streamlined the tracking process, reducing errors significantly and saving time.”

17. What is your understanding of the term ‘entourage effect’ in the context of cannabis products?

Demonstrate your knowledge of cannabis terminology and concepts by explaining this common phenomenon in the cannabis industry.

Sample Answer

“The ‘entourage effect’ refers to the synergistic interaction of various cannabis components, like cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the therapeutic effects compared to consuming a single compound in isolation. It is a crucial concept in the cannabis industry, underscoring the benefits of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products.”

18. How would you handle a situation where you notice a discrepancy in the cash register?

This question assesses your honesty and problem-solving skills in handling sensitive issues such as financial discrepancies.

Sample Answer

“If I notice a discrepancy in the cash register, I would immediately notify my supervisor, documenting the incident meticulously. I would cooperate fully in any ensuing investigation, helping to pinpoint the cause and prevent future occurrences.”

19. What do you perceive to be the biggest rewards working in a dispensary?

Here, the employer is trying to gauge what motivates you and if you value the positive aspects of working in a dispensary environment.

Sample Answer

“I believe the biggest reward would be helping customers find the products that meet their needs, thereby enhancing their well-being. Additionally, working in a burgeoning industry with a vibrant culture and the opportunity for growth and learning is incredibly exciting.”

20. How would you approach a customer who seems indecisive?

This question tests your customer service and sales skills. Your answer should show empathy and a customer-centric approach.

Sample Answer

“For an indecisive customer, I would initiate a friendly conversation to understand their preferences, experiences, and what they are looking to achieve with the cannabis product. I would then offer suggestions based on their feedback, possibly offering samples or showcasing best-sellers to help them make a decision.”

21. Can you give an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult coworker?

Through this question, the interviewer aims to understand your interpersonal skills and how you handle conflicts in the workplace.

Sample Answer

“In a previous role, I encountered a coworker who often missed deadlines, putting additional pressure on the team. I chose to have a

private conversation with them, expressing my concerns constructively and offering help. This open communication improved our working relationship and team dynamics.”

22. How would you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing cannabis industry?

Show that you are proactive about staying informed and are genuinely interested in the industry’s dynamics and developments.

Sample Answer

“I plan to follow reputable industry publications and blogs, attend webinars, and engage in community forums and networks. This will not only help me stay abreast of the latest developments but also expand my knowledge and understanding of the cannabis industry.”

23. Why do you want to work at this dispensary specifically?

This question gives you an opportunity to show that you have done your homework about the dispensary and are genuinely interested in becoming a part of their team.

Sample Answer

“I have been impressed with your dispensary’s commitment to community engagement and education. Your wide range of quality products and the positive reviews from customers about the knowledgeable and friendly staff also caught my attention. I am eager to contribute to such a customer-centric and community-oriented team.”


You are now equipped with the knowledge and insights to ace your dispensary interview. Remember, while these sample answers serve as a guide, personalizing your responses to reflect your experiences and viewpoints will make a lasting impression. Stay calm, be yourself, and you will undoubtedly shine. Good luck with your interview!

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