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Several skilled workers are steadily moving to remote roles. This trend existed before the recent global pandemic, as statistics show that 34.7 million people on full-time jobs preferred working at home between 2017 and 2018 in the US. Between then and 2022, the number increased to 91 million who got remote offers. Now, the desire has spread to all classes of the workforce, including remote government jobs.

It’s safe to say that many people would prefer a virtual role over an on-site vacancy. The number of public positions on the rise is a fact. While it may seem like a fairytale, working for the nation from the comfort of your home is now possible. Our article discusses strategies for individuals who need a remote offer within government agencies.

In the past, national jobs were available in a rigid on-site setting. Yet, digital technology quickly changes the narrative, with many agencies going online. Some authorities believe it saves space and taxpayers’ funds, allowing them to channel the extra funds into other ventures.

However, applying for a public virtual job role differs from the private sector in several ways. One specific feature is the resume template. The job description and requirements vary, so getting help from professional federal resume writing services or freelance resume writers is always recommended. The structure and flow of working with some of the best federal resume writing services usually start with a short interview, asking you about your interests and skills and filling forms with basic career questions. Then, choose from many proven templates or get expert assistance. After all, it is the first form of introduction to the person who will interview you for the role.

Government Jobs and How to Search for One

Government jobs are services people on the nation’s authority’s payroll perform. It could be a librarian, social worker, police officer, teacher, etc. Sometimes, the position is directly under the authorities or working for a government-run company. Here are some strategies to apply when searching for a role.

1.    Research and Identity Remote-Friendly Government Agencies

The first step in your journey to a government remote job is to research. Find out public agencies offering virtual work policies and express the same in their recruitment vacancies or on official websites. You may find some descriptions with terms like “telecommuting.”

Several reputable recruitment websites have sections for federal remote jobs. The key is to list them in categories and bookmark each role. Furthermore, joining work groups also helps in the search. Use specific keywords to narrow down the results.

2.   Use Government Job Portals

One common mistake many applicants make when looking for roles is not utilizing government job portals. They are invaluable resources which could prove helpful in a search. These platforms even come with feature filters, allowing you to enter specific keywords like “telecommuting” or remote jobs. Apply these terms to separate the virtual roles from the on-site packages. It will also help display positions carrying descriptions requiring specific skill sets and interests.

3.    Build Up a Befitting Workspace

Setting up a workspace should be a priority as you search for befitting government jobs from home. This often neglected task could come with a heavier penalty when you land an interview but have no space to undergo it.

Start by seeking a distraction-free environment, carrying an excellent and reliable network connection. It’s also important to be mindful of the environment during work calls. One advantage to have is to control what people see in the background.

Options include stacking awards, trophies, or industry certifications in the background. As an alternative, use a bookshelf and eye-pleasing aesthetics. Many remote government jobs require someone skilful. It becomes easier to set the tone for a befitting interview if the background looks professional.

4.    Don’t Delay in Applying

While researching and bookmarking roles, don’t get carried away. The rising number of federal remote jobs means there may be many to select from. Therefore, as you find suitable roles that fit your profile, apply immediately to avoid missing out on them. Waiting for the last day of application is not a good idea. Instead, file it immediately to make it to the top of the applicants’ stack.

5.  Create and Update your Resume to Stand Out

As we’ve stated, remote government jobs often have different descriptions from the private sector. Hence, you need to craft a well-tailored resume that fits the role. All vacancies are different and require editing to match.

When searching for a position, watch out for what your resume says about remote jobs. It should show that you have experience in the role to stand out. A virtual vacancy’s dynamics differ from traditional office settings, and interviewers regularly look out for specific skills when searching for the ideal candidate.

Here are some tips to include in the resume when applying for different federal remote jobs:

  • Demonstrate your technical ability. As a remote worker, showing the hiring manager you’re highly technical is essential. Search through the job description to single out any mention of specific collaboration and project management software tools. Include them in the application to show you’re capable of handling specialized tasks without on-site supervision.
  • Showcase good Communication skills. Communication needs to be effective for a remote workgroup to be successful. Moreover, there will be friction if you don’t learn how to pass across a message well. Highlight all relevant sections and skills that show you’re a great communicator. It should be in both oral and verbal cues.

Start Now to Apply for those Government Remote Jobs

Securing a virtual job in a government agency is possible for candidates who are proactive in their search and approach.

However, the difference in resume presentation often requires you to seek a writing service with experience in government remote job applications. Ensure you combine the task of searching by looking up reputable job boards and specifying your skillset.

Use government portals and filters to streamline the search. Public agencies are quickly catching up with this new trend in job roles, and you need to be active to land them.

Published by Sarah Samson

Sarah Samson is a professional career advisor and resume expert. She specializes in helping recent college graduates and mid-career professionals improve their resumes and format them for the modern job market. In addition, she has also been a contributor to several online publications.

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