The academic advisor gives information to the students about their careers. They tell them about the programs they can take based on the candidate’s academic qualifications. They help students with their career goals and help them in choosing a field that is good for them and aids them in building a bright career. They also interact with the parents of the students and share information with them about the career opportunities for their child. The academic advisor also provides information regarding the recruitment procedure and prepares guides which will help the student in choosing their field.

Academic Advisor Skills

  • General Skills Required
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Should be able to handle a large amount of crowd
  • The academic advisor needs to provide relevant information to the students and parents.
  • They must be capable to work in any environment.
  • They need to handle critical situations by offering an excellent solution.
  • Possess good Ability to work for hours constantly.
  • Should be Hardworking and honest.
  • Punctuality is required, so that work gets done on time.
  • Possess human resource skills to conduct tests and interview students.
  • Good in public relations.
  • Knowledge about different career options, so that they can guide students for their future.

Academic Advisor Qualification


An academic advisor requires bachelor’s degree in the field of counseling or they can have master’s degree in business and administration. They can also opt for diploma courses in counseling.

Licensure requirement:

  • They don’t require any license for their work.

Career Growth

Academic advisors plays very important role in student’s life ,they council them and help them in choosing good career .They can get jobs in schools and universities in the counseling department and they also  get a job in different companies who deals in counseling students.

Published by Sarah Samson

Sarah Samson is a professional career advisor and resume expert. She specializes in helping recent college graduates and mid-career professionals improve their resumes and format them for the modern job market. In addition, she has also been a contributor to several online publications.

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