An accounting clerk is a person who manages different types of financial operations. Accounting clerk duties start from backroom calculations to customer services. Check the accounting clerk job description below to know more about what accounting clerk should learn. An accounting clerk’s job is well versed with the principles of accounting, procedures, and practices.

Accounting Clerk Responsibilites

The accounting clerk should perform different types of duties and tasks such as keeping a record of the transactions that happen daily:

  • Take care of the invoices, verify them and ensure they match the work orders and prepare for payment of bills.
  • Responsible for bookkeeping activity in order to maintain payrolls, balancing of the ledgers and making reports and sending them to the management in time in the prescribed format without fail.
  • Make sure that the payments and receipts records are maintained as per the rules.
  • Accomplish administrative activities and maintain entry-level bookkeeping. Required to reconcile bank statements, preparing and filling the checks and invoices, forecasting the budget and ascertaining the need for purchase.
  • Required to find errors in the records if they are not matching and realize the fact that all the entries made should be accurate and correct.
  • Should maintain the presence of mind and have sound IQ and analytical skills. They should also be aware of the working of Microsoft word and excel.

Accounting Clerk Skills and Qualifications

In order to get the job of an accounting clerk, there is no requirement of experience since it is an entry-level job. The essential thing to consider is education. The person should at least be a high school graduate to get the job. Since this is the beginning of a career, the person should keep his mind open and be willing to learn new practices and procedures.

As the person gains experience it opens new doors for career growth. The person must train himself under the guidance of a senior employee who has a good amount of experience and knowledge. With experience, the person can apply for a higher post in the accounting field. The person should have strong analytical skills and be able to do correct calculations at a fast pace. Verbal and written communication skills should also be strong so that he can perform his duties in an efficient manner.

Career Growth:

Every firm works for making as much money as they possibly can. There is nothing wrong in saying that money is the backbone of any company. So the role of an accounting clerk job description is very important. The future scope is very wide for these people as every company needs to maintain a record of the money.

After gaining two to three years of experience as an accounting clerk person can opt for higher education in order to apply for a higher post like a professional accountant or the auditor of the society. He may choose to remain in the same position and wait for the opportunity when he gets promoted to a higher post.


Salary varies as per the experience and education level a person holds. More experience and education means more salary and vice versa. In United States the average salary of a clerk is $ 46,000 per annul. Those accounting clerks who have around ten years of experience can earn up to $ 62,000 per annul.

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