Analyst job description covers the various aspects of the work of an analyst in detail. An Analyst is a person who conducts analysis, i.e., examining a limited or specific area in depth. Analysts are used in a wide array of fields such as business, accounting, chemical, finance, sports, handwriting study, institutional research, marketing, psychology, medical, mathematics and IT.

Analyst Responsibilities

  • The primary duty of an analyst is to conduct research projects to gather information related to the field he is working in.
  • Developing requirement specifications and making a detailed step by step plan of the manner in which all the aspects of the research project are to be covered.
  • Communicating with internal and external agencies to understand information needs.
  • Making use of interviews, workshops, surveys, document analysis and site visits to fulfill information requirements.
  • He has to evaluate the information gathered from different sources to produce results in accordance with the objective or purpose for which the analysis was undertaken.
  • Search for stored and compiled data from earlier programs and projects.
  • Resolving whatever technical and professional issues or complications that might crop up during the course of his work.
  • Liaisoning between the clients, technical groups and the support teams.
  • Maintain and manage a database for storing all the information gathered by him.
  • Preparing graphs and charts, using various statistical and technological tools.
  • Preparing and submitting reports based on the results of his analysis.
  • Give expert advice and suggestions based on the research and analysis conducted by him.

Analyst Job Skills and Qualification


  • An analyst in any field needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in that field. Some may ask for a Master’s degree depending on the scope of work.
  • Proficiency in computer software, particularly spreadsheets and word processing is essential.


  • Excellent communication skills are essential to be an analyst.
  • He should have an eye for details and be result-driven.
  • He has to be very proactive and good at liaisoning.
  • He should have good judgment and be methodical and accurate. He needs to have a thorough understanding of the purpose of the analysis and the needs of the client.
  • An analyst has to be good at research work and analyzing the facts in the correct manner.
  • He should be comfortable using various technological gadgets.

Analyst Job Prospects

  • Analysts can find employment in many industrial sections including media, consumer products, business areas like production or marketing, advertising, and telecommunications.
  • Government agencies, private or public business concerns, NGOs, not for profit organizations, etc. need services of an analyst.
  • The field commands a decent salary. It depends upon the type of employer and the scope of analysis required.

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