Archeologists deal with history, they study architecture and human history. They collect things related to our past history and then study them. Since people from the past do not know how to write, as there are no written records, so that we can read and know them, thus Archeologist looks for the artifacts and basis of that they know how people use to live in past, how they work, about their culture. They use maps, compasses during their investigation and keep records of things that they discover while excavations. They are very curious about knowing the past history and the ways people live, living style, cooking style and kind of clothes they wear, about their food and the language they speak. So the main aim of an Archeologist is to learn about the history and finding new information about them.

Archaeologist Skills and Qualification

The archeologist has a bachelor’s degree in the field of archaeology, one can also go for a masters degree. One of the important skills they should possess is love for the past. They can also take training in the institutes, so that they get good practical experience also and after entering the field they perform better and able to collect more and more historic information, looking for evidence that may tell that how people live in the past.

Skills required by these Archaeologists:

• General Skills Required
• They should have the knowledge of drawing maps.
• The Archeologists need to know photography.
• Possess ability to resolve problems.
• Need to have strong decision making skills.
• They must be capable to work in any kind of condition.

Professional Growth

There are plenty of jobs available for the Archeologist, they can work in government as well as private sector and earn good amount of salary along with other additional benefits. They can also join as teacher in college or universities and their also they are paid good salary and after gaining experience they can get promoted to higher positions .So professionally their growth has no limits ,their growth depend on their hard work and dedication towards their work.

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