An assistant property manager is a person who assists the property manager in property deals. He takes care of all the work in the absence of the property manager. The assistant property manager job description includes dealing with the development of the property, increasing the income on property and also the sales. He also handles a lot of other duties and responsibilities and makes sure that the properties they buy give them optimum benefits. There are other roles, which he plays like keeping an account of the transactions made during purchase or sale of properties, analysis of the benefits that can be made on a sale or a purchase of a property, maintaining administrative works and accounting works like paying bills, maintaining the ledger books of the clients, etc. Handling all these tasks requires efficiency on part of an assistant property manager.

Assistant Property Manager Responsibilities

The assistant property manager assists the property manager in making property deals apart from handling other administrative duties. He should have thorough knowledge about the properties and their values in order to efficiently carry out his tasks.

  • Assisting the property manager in all the works.
  • Keeping track of the values of properties and trends of the markets.
  • Maintaining records of sales and purchases of the properties.
  • Helps the property manager in preparing budgets.
  • Preparing legal documents necessary for buying and selling properties.
  • Assisting property managers in preparing policies and implementing those policies.
  • Collecting monthly or annual rental amounts from the tenants.
  • Dealing with the legal problems that arise while buying and selling properties by consulting a lawyer.
  • Paying property taxes by estimating the taxes on properties.
  • Helping the property manager in auditing.
  • Assisting property managers in preparing annual reports.
  • Maintaining good and positive relations with customers.
  • Meeting prospective clients and performing leasing duties.
  • Maintaining records of lease renewals and terminations.
  • Handling incoming calls and answering the queries posed by the clients.
  • Conducting follow-ups when work is completed.

Assistant Property Manager Qualification and Skills


The assistant property manager must have the required knowledge regarding the market value of the properties so that he can assist the property manager in making the best deal.

  • He must be having a bachelor’s degree in finance, property management or business management.
  • Bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting will also be helpful in making a successful career in property management.
  • Master’s degree in business administration, business management.
  • Fresh candidates can be given on job training and required knowledge.

Skills required by an assistant property manager:

  • Good mathematical and accounting skills to calculate taxes and prices of properties.
  • Good interpersonal skills for dealing with tenants and clients.
  • Computer knowledge and proficiency in Ms-Office
  • Knowledge of litigations involved in documents of a property.

Professional growth:

With constantly increasing demand in real estate and infrastructure fields, the need for an assistant property manager is also increasing. Following which, the growth opportunities and the earning potential is also increased immensely.

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