An athletic director’s job description includes the supervision of coaches in athletic or other programs of sports. There is an athletic director in schools also. Any member of the teaching staff can serve the role of an athletic director in a middle or elementary school. The responsibility and prestige of the director of a university or college are very high. The athletic director monitors all the sports functions that happen within the school campus.

The athletic director is the sole in charge of all the activities such as hiring and mentoring of all the coaches. The athletic director should be aware of the tactics to handle any situation in case if there is any media inquiry. He or she should be aware of all the sporting activities that are happening inside the campus. The athletic director must design and plan specific rules for each process of any sporting event.

The athletic director takes instructions from the school principal. Anything happens in the field of sports is the sole responsibility of the athletic director. They should plan sporting events in such a way that there is no hindrance to the sporting program.

Athletic Director Qualification and Skills

The person should attend classes in physical education along with a Bachelor’s degree. It is not possible to be hired as an athletic director without any experience. Most of them have experience in playing some sort of sports at some point in time in their career. It is beneficial for them when they get in the shoes of coaching students.

The director helps students to play the game with ease and concentration. Although the job of a director is quite glamorous it asks for special skills set from the concerned person.

They should have the ability to choose the best coaches and train them. They should make sure that the sporting events are held on time and as per the scheduled tasks. An athletic director is required to be a good planner and be able to handle people and get work done from them. Along with that, the athletic director is required to keep track of the financial budget and is required to be an expert in sport as well as a good planner with excellent interpersonal skills.

Professional Growth:

In comparison to the number of qualified people, the number of open places is not expected to grow fast. Whenever there is big athletic event colleges and universities have been found wanting for a good athletic director. Schools always prefer to have someone with excellent coaching experience as their athletic director. This place is sure to add glamour to the person who lands in this role. A successful director is always admired and respected. It is the highest place one can reach. After reaching this place, a person can choose to move from one place to another.

An athletic director earns anywhere around $ 77,000 per year. The salary is determined by the size of the school and the programs that the school organizes. In elementary and middle schools, they are given a part-time salary of $ 35,000. The salary can go up to $130,000 per year for a director at the university level. Apart from this the director and his family are given medical benefits and they can receive a vacation for four to five weeks depending on their level and experience.

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