An auto mechanic job description includes maintenance, inspection and repair of various vehicles that run on gasoline, or any other alternative source of energy. The vehicle can be either a large truck or a normal four-door car. Either their task can be simple like changing the oil, rotating the tire or complex like make changes in the transmission and repairing them or working on large vehicle engines. They may also be required to fix complex computer technology after diagnosing where the problem is. An in-depth knowledge of all the parts of a vehicle is essential to be proficient in repairing a vehicle. At times, these mechanics may refer to electronic manuals provided along with the vehicle to fix it.

Auto Mechanic Responsibilities

When a car reaches a repair shop, the mechanic is the first person who inspects the car for its entire shortcomings. The mechanic may also take the help of a computer to diagnose the fault. A mechanic works along with other technicians like air conditioning experts or front-end experts to fix the car. They may be required to work as long as for forty hours depending upon the task. They are required to have good concentration and an eye for detail to pinpoint every possible shortcoming and its possible cure.

Auto Mechanic Qualification and Skills

A person has to attend a formal training school or a community college to make a career as an auto mechanic. Some students can pursue the course at an early age if it is offered by the school. By taking part in such courses, a person can get well versed with all the fundamentals in repairing a vehicle. It is very helpful when a person undertakes an advanced training program. The programs offered by training schools last from six months to a year. These schools give certification while an associate degree is offered by community colleges. After completion of the study, it takes around one to two years of experience to be fully trained in repairing a car.

The National Institute for Automotive Excellence provides certification course to meet certain requirements. This certificate is highly recognized. Having this certificate increases the value of a mechanic by many folds. A person can get certification in eight different areas.

Professional Growth

As the mechanic gains experience and becomes proficient in repairing a vehicle, the value of auto mechanic increases and this results in an increase in the pay scales. The value of auto mechanics increases as they become proficient in many vehicles. After certain years of experience, they may be promoted to supervisor for the shop and as a service manager. An auto mechanic can open their own auto repair shop with a sufficient amount of funds. They can also find work as an educator or an estimator after gaining a good amount of experience.

Auto mechanics are normally paid by the hour, as per United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is five percent growth in this field by the year 2019. The average hourly pay is around $ 25.

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