The individual who makes these relishing pastries and other bakery products are called Baker. A baker is skilled in making bread, desserts, pastries and other bakery products. The baker is required to research new recipes in baking, try them out and develop new tastes. The baker is responsible for the dessert menu and prepares dessert wines and dessert beverages.

The work of the baker is not only to make but also to get the ingredients required and the work ends when the actual bakery product gets ready to consume. They are required to bake the samples and put on display for the employer to test and then put it for the consumers to consume. Baker bakes the products as per the demands of the season as the ingredients may not be available in all seasons. The baker might also take into consideration the dietary needs of his consumers. The baker might have to customize the product as per the event or occasion for which the baker is being employed.

The baker is also responsible for baking bread, desserts, ice creams, cheese plates, dessert wines, pasta for the kitchen and many other bakery products.

Baker Job Qualification and Skills

Basic Requirements: 

The educational institutions have opened many courses for interested candidates to enhance and widen their knowledge while polishing their techniques and adopting a unique style of baking and presentation. Being a baker is not a cup of tea for every individual. You need to have a love for food and the passion to cook the same. The aspiring candidate can apply for an Associate degree in culinary arts. Enroll your name for a bachelor’s degree, which shall focus on:

  • Food chemistry
  • Computer classes
  • Food safety and handling
  • Culinary history
  • Nutrition
  • Business course
  • Recipe creation
  • Food chemistry
  • In addition, the course should focus on portions

Skills and Competencies: 

The core competency of the baker should be in the following areas:

  • Customer service skills
  • Stamina
  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • A baker should have knowledge about the kitchen machinery

The baker also needs to have knowledge and understanding of the nutrition and human physiology apart from the knowledge about the scientific principles behind cooking.

Professional Growth:

With a number of job opportunities coming in every field, the career of a professional baker shall also experience a number of job opportunities. To excel in the career, as a baker, one needs to keep himself updated with the recent food trends and the tastes of the people that keeps changing. For individuals who look for a change in their career and who wish to bake at home and surprise their family and near and dear ones, this career is the best option.

The baker can seek also employment in industrial bakeries, school cafeterias, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, and many other food outlets. The baker can also open up his own bakery or a pastry station and serve the customers.

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