As the name suggests, a bartender is related to a bar. A bartender probably has many responsibilities. They are the persons who serve beverages (usually alcoholic) behind a counter in a pub, bar, tavern or any place similar to that. A bartender can be a man or woman and they are also called barman or barwoman. A bartender mainly controls serving beverages and maintains supply and inventory for the bar.

A bartender would also need to arrange drinks garnishes like skewers or fruit wedges. Bartenders working by themselves may be required to store paper goods like straws, napkins and novelty umbrellas for drinking. After the shift is finished, a bartender will also be requested to carry out general cleaning duties such as emptying trash, washing glasses, wiping down serving areas and restocking coolers. 

The job of a bartender is very physically demanding if he/she is hired to work in a famous bar. In addition to serving drinks, bartenders collect payments and maintain the cash register. Determine when a customer has had too much alcohol. Serve food to the customer’s sitting in a bar without any delay. They also make sure whatever food they serve to customers is fresh and hygienic. These are included in the bartender job description.



  • The minimum qualification to become a bartender is High school.
  • A special course of bartending is available in various colleges/universities around the world.
  • You need to go to Bartending School where you will learn how to mix beverages, how to decorate drinks, how to present drinks to customers.
  • They should learn to decorate bar with bottles, papers, glasses, etc.
  • You will also learn many other things to become a good bartender.

Skills required to become a Bartender:

Various skills required to become a good Bartender are listed below:

  • They must be well behaved with the customers and always wear a smile on his/her faces while welcoming them.
  • They should know dozens of recipes of drinks.
  • They should be capable of making drinks in case of a machine break.
  • They should have skills to handle a huge crowd in case of a shortage of staff.
  • They should check the identification of the customers and won’t allow any underage customers to go inside the bar.
  • They should know how to make attractive displays of glasses, bottles.
  • They should know how to make their presentation good by doing fire shows and something interesting like that so that it can attract customers.

Professional Growth

The trend of going to a bar is increasing day by day. According to a survey in the USA, there is a 40% increase in the number of bars in the last 5 years. I don’t think America is going to quit drinks soon so there is a huge scope in this field, a bartender will always find work. If you want to become a good bartender, dedication is very important because you need to learn various tricks of playing with bottles and glassware. The annual income of a bartender is approximately $30,000. Any experience is good when you just start doing this job. Starting your carrier from a reputed bar/pub will be more beneficial as it will ultimately lead you to achieve your goal.

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