Camp Counselors Job Description is to guide, aid, and look after a group of children or teenagers in camps. These camps can be of one day or may go on for many days. They are required to interact and organize different activities along with coaching campers in various activities like yoga, swimming, and other sports as well. When children come out for camping they are away from their parents and loved ones. Therefore, the role of the counselor is to give emotional support to them and motivate them to make new friends and take part in different activities. Young campers should look at the counselor as their role model and get inspiration from the camp counselor.

The camp counselor is also required to keep up discipline while the camp is going on. He or she should also inculcate the same thing in young campers. The camp counselor should make sure that the rules, regulations are followed with perfection and the schedule is strictly maintained. A young camper learns the quality of team building, working in groups and the ability to interact with new people. All these qualities are very essential to make a place of ownership in today’s society. Therefore, there is a need for the camp counselor to have all the qualities and be able to train the camper in the same things. The camp counselor should also make sure that the children are safe, the settings of the camp are safe, and the campers are able to make an adjustment with the new environment at the camp.

Camp Counselor Qualification and Skills

There are no specific educational requirements to be a camp counselor. Most of these counselors start at an early age. Many of the camp counselors are students who start at the age of sixteen. In some cases, camps hire counselors who are above eighteen years of age and thus they need to have their high school diploma with them.

A certificate in CPR or lifeguard training or first aid will be an advantage. Scuba diving and other activities will also enhance the chance to be hired as a camp counselor.

Once a person joins as a camp counselor, various tasks are assigned depending upon the interests and talent of the concerned person. After the training, a person can take other jobs also like housekeeping activities or overnight camp trips for students. There is no compulsory need of experience. In case, the person has achievements in sports or other extracurricular activities then surely it will be of great advantage.

Professional Growth

What are the job prospects for these camp counselors?
Counselors travel to different places depending on the camp and most of the camps are placed during the summertime. There are different types of summer camps like sports camps, religious summer camps, fitness camps, gender-specific camps, themed camps, adult summer camps, scouting camps. The earnings of these counselors vary from $ 320 per week to $ 4,000 for the full summer. They can save the money they earn easily as everything is catered to these counselors.

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