A caseworker is also known as the social worker. They help people who are facing various problems from family issues to disability. Social worker means that professionalism who really works for the upliftment of the general public, also for those who are not accepted by society. A caseworker provides such people with better living conditions.

They can get employment in many sectors like government organizations, N.G.O’S, schools, and other social service organizations. A caseworker is fully loyal towards the citizens of the society so as to craft their existence satisfying.

They have to resolve the personal problems of the people. They also give support to the families who are suffering from severe problems such as clashes between the spouses, children or even parents sometimes.

They bestow extra concentration on certain groups such as orphans, old age people, widows, etc. They act as a counselor to resolve the difficulties of people like job frustrations or any other sensitive issues.

If they are working in any school then they have to build a connection with the students and even with their parents, so that they could understand the actual problem of the students and then discuss it with their parents in order to solve all the problems, so that the student could be able to enjoy his school life. The caseworker job description will further explain about the required skills and career growth.

Skills and Expertise Required


To enter this profession, a person needs to achieve a bachelor’s degree certificate in SW (social work). He could also choose subjects like physiology, social security, and welfare, etc. In many schools or colleges, a social worker who has a certificate of a master’s degree is preferred.

Skills required by the case worker:

A case worker should possess some skills related to his profession such as:

  • Skilled to counsel the people.
  • Good decision making ability so that he could easily understand the problem of the person.
  • Needs to be touching, kind, honest by nature
  • Good communication skills (oral as well as written).
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Sense of privacy is a must. For example, a person has shared his problem with him; he should not have the habit to reveal it, but to keep it confidential.
  • Adaptable in nature so that he could easily shape himself in any situations.
  • Feeling of biasness i.e., treating all people equally.
  • Excellent knowledge about the community resources.
  • Ability to work under the stress at any time.

Career growth

A case taker can work in schools, colleges, many kinds of N.G.O’S, government services etc. Thus the job prospectus for the case worker is quite demanding.

Today the world is becoming more multifaceted. Every person is facing many problems, which they are not able solve themselves. As they want a perfect supervision and support from the others, the social workers are in demand an provides help to them. Thus we cannot pay nil attention to these professionalisms as they are the care takers of the society.

The salary of a social worker is different according to the kind of work, qualification, whether you are working in the public or private sector; experience, etc. The social worker in a court, orphan centers earn $42,000 per year and those who are working in the schools make $47,000 per year.

Published by Sarah Samson

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