A certified accountant is a person who prepares as well as analysis the fiscal reports. The reports contain records like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash inflow as well as outflow statements, etc.

Certified Public Accountant Responsibilities

He has to be aware of the tax law. Whether he is working in a small or big organization, he has to maintain the financial statements for the top management.

He prepares the annual as well as the day to day budget for the company and also conveys the top management about the scrap value. He has to forecast the future budget and then compare that with the actual one.

He has to investigate whether the investment as well as the revenue is recorded or not without any mistake. He also audits and examines all the financial reports. He analyzes the company’s financial condition and according to that he sets the budget.

Certified Public Accountant job description will further explain about the required skills and career growth.

Skills and expertise required

Required qualification to become a certified public accountant

Qualification: A certified accountant has to achieve a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. Having a master’s degree in business administration is preferred by many elite organizations. Also having experience in this profession will add an advantage. Some colleges or universities are also providing diploma courses in accounting like tax accounting, CA, etc. The government sectors hire the accountants who have passed the CAE (certified accountancy examination). This examination is conducted by the AICPA.

Licensure: An accountant could get a certified license when he passes the examination that is conducted by the ACPA.

Skills required by the certified public accountant:

A certified public accountant should possess some skills related to his profession such as:

  • Good in the calculation as a mistake could create a great loss to the company
  • Deep knowledge of finance
  • Good analyzing about when should the company invest
  • Right decision-making skills
  • Superior written as well as oral communicable skills
  • Ability to work under the stress
  • Patience and calmness is required while dealing with funds of the company
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to plan and organize as he has to plan the future budget for the company
  • Computer skills are essential as all the work in a maximum organization is stored in the computer
  • Knowledgeable about tax laws
  • Updated with the SENSEX
  • Interpersonal skills are must to deal with the financial clients of the company
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time

Career Growth

Every company has to maintain its financial statements as it has to deal with day to day expenditure. So, there is a need of an accountant in every company, whether it is small or big is quite high.

A certified accountant can work in private as well as in public sectors also. On the basis of the experience, the accountant earns a lot amount of money. The salary of a certified accountant varies on the basis of experience, qualification, location as well as an image of the company, etc.

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