Chef is the main person in the hotel industry and he is also the backbone of the Hotel industry. He is diverse in his character and he can prepare many varieties of food.

Chef Responsibilities

The chef is the person responsible for delivering the food at the highest quality with the highest standards. He/she is the one who is creative and disciplined. The chef is a word that can refer to any person who works in the cafeteria, lunchrooms, hotels, restaurants and other places where food is cooked and served. He must participate in checking all the purchased raw material, quality and quantity both, while at the same time he should take care of hygiene.

They are also responsible for imparting training to the freshers in the industry. It is the chef’s duty to plan the menu and the cuisines keeping in mind the culture and the likes of customers in mind. He makes sure that the food cooked is presented well which shows his entire creativeness. It is not mandatory that the chef has to work under someone as they can start their own hotel or they can be entrepreneurs too.

Chef Qualification and Skills Required


Chef is the person who has great knowledge and experience in cooking. The minimum requirement is to obtain the high school or the vocational study certificate with on job training certificate. It is mandatory for some to complete the management school diploma in order to obtain placements in five star hotels, which provide equal job opportunities irrespective of differences in the caste, gender etc. The chefs working at bigger hotels are paid higher than the ones working for small chain of hotels or restaurants.

License requirement

If a person wishes to open up or set up his own chain of restaurants or hotels he is required to obtain the permissions by state government and quality checking authorities. But, if they work under any chain of hotels they need no license, only approval of the hotel authorities.

Skills required by the Chefs

General Skills Required –

  • They should be with good knowledge, as they have to train the staff.
  • good knowledge of kitchenware and adept use them
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of the kitchen
  • Encourage team work
  • Follow up the instruction and responsible to communicate well with fellow members
  • Innovative as cooking is the art creative enough to make changes in existing dishes too as per the change in time.

Co-ordinate with other staff

Professional Growth

What are the job prospects for the Chefs

There is commendable growth is in this profession due to the change in the lifestyle of the people. Numerous job openings are available in this profession. As far as the career path is concerned, the chef can elevate to several positions like chef, executive chef, chef manager.

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