The chief marketing officer is a professional who is responsible for handling and leading all the marketing activities of the company or firm. His job profile includes all the marketing activities like sales of the product, marketing communication, development of the product and marketing research. He is responsible for the success of the sales, growth of the product sales and all the aspects of marketing like an advertisement of the product and others. His main motto of the job is to reduce the cost of the product and other expenses of it and increase its productivity with improvement in the sales of the goods and the use of cost-effective materials.

He prepares the plans of marketing and implements them in an effective way so that it helps in the growth of the company. He manages customer and client relationships with the company. Overall he is the sole responsible for the growth and success of the marketing concepts of the company or the firm.

Skills and credentials required

There are different skills and credentials are requires to become a chief marketing officer as described by any standard chief marketing officer job description. As far as education is concerned with a degree in management with specialization in marketing is mandatory for any individual to be a marketing manager. After getting some experience in and knowledge of the concerned field he will move to the next position of a higher level.

Some other skills that are required to become a chief marketing officer are

  • He has to be analytical in finding out the solutions of the problem.
  • He should handle tough situations in need and know how to cope up with stress.
  • He must be able to guide, have good leadership skills and have good management skills.

Professional growth

The professional growth of the chief marketing officer is quite good. He has good salaries and earns other benefits too. In the beginning, a fresher might not reach other positions but after getting some experience and knowledge of the profile he will move to higher positions.

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