The article mentioned below will give you a brief idea of what is the Chief Financial Officer Job description all about. The Chief Financial Officer’s work is to look after all the supervision of the financial department of the company. His job profile includes managing and supervision of all the company’s accounts, budgeting, preparing taxes, audits and financial reports in order to ensure smooth functioning. Different financial methods are adopted in maintaining these accounts.

He ensures that the important reports concerning various departments are prepared under proper guidelines and time frames. Income returns are filed at the right time and are properly audited by him. Planning and implementation of different financial strategies with the help of the President of the company, Vice president (sales) and other departments of the company. All the departments are dependent on him for future forecast events of the organization because he has sound knowledge about the share market and various financial instruments.

Other important job features include generating funds for the business, supervision of the company’s investments, looking for opportunities that will lead to the expansion of the market and thus bring productive results for the company. Future planning and growth of the company solely lie in his hands.

Chief Financial Officer Responsibilities

  • Timely introduction of new financial plans in the progressive growth of the company.
  • Training the old and new staff of the financial unit of the company in order to raise awareness among them regarding the maintenance of financial matters.
  • Looking after the banking activities of the company.
  • Filing of income tax returns for the company.

Chief Financial Officer Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

  • The person holding this post should be highly qualified and have thorough experience in this field.
  • Should have a Masters Degree in Financial Management.
  • We should have a minimum of 10 years of working experience.
  • Should be updated with the latest information regarding new financial plans and various marketing strategies.
  • Sound knowledge of computers.


  • Should have excellent communicative and strong financial management skills.
  • Quick decision-taking powers and solving various financial issues and problems.
  • Introduction of new financial plans and schemes.
  • Future plans and financial growth of a particular company lies in his hands.
  • Sound knowledge of share markets and financial instruments.

Professional Growth

  • There aremany job prospects for the Chief Financial Officer in banks and private companies.
  • His services are needed in both the government and as well as private sectors.
  • Financial decisions are usually made by him.

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