A church is a sacred place of Christians and many routine prayers, oaths, weddings, and other parties take place in the church premises. So, a church needs a body that can manage all the tasks and lay down arrangements for everything. The body or professional who takes up this task is known as a church secretary.

Besides arrangements, a church secretary also maintains the records for whatever activity has happened and what is to be done in the coming days. He works under the priest of the church and reports to him. He takes up all the phone calls and appropriate actions. He has an administrative office in the church containing a fax machine, telephone, and a computer. He has the charge to manage everything in case of any celebration at church.

The church secretary organizes and prints bulletins. Sermons are often transcribed by him. The church secretary is involved in handling the membership affairs and the baby membership affairs of the church. He receives and sends the faxes to the appropriate members. He arranges and attends the board meetings. He often fixes important meetings in which important matters regarding the church are discussed.

He is responsible to handle the treasure and charity affairs of the church and maintains the files according to the money generated and money transacted from the treasure of the church. The church secretary prepares the annual reports, which includes all the activities at the church in that year. Church secretary job description will provide you further information on skills and career growth required for this profession.

Skills and Expertise Required

Qualifications required

The most important requirement for a person to become a church secretary is that he should be a Christian. Other than this, a high school diploma can get a person the post of a church secretary in some churches. Apart from the qualifications, the person must possess some important skills such as:

  • The person must be good in keyboarding, filing or shorthand or some other secretarial skills
  • The person must have a good presence of mind so that he could manage everything at church with accuracy
  • He must have good management skills so that he could manage meetings and appointments with efficiency

Career growth

The person who is a great follower of god and ready to serve the church and people can do the task easily.  The task is not tough if the person has the skills that are mentioned above and the salary is good and varies for different churches.

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