A Cocktail waitress is the one who serves hard drinks to their customer’s in a bar/pub or any other place similar to that. They often wear revealing clothes to get more tips. They mainly float around the room or section to take orders of the customers. They can also have some additional duties like cleaning off tables, ringing up totals at the register and checking identification to check whether the customer is enough old to drink, placing chairs properly under the tables, sweetener containers are full and clean, etc.

Cocktail Waitress Qualification and Skills Required:

Education / Training:

  • As such no particular qualification is required but you must require a mixologist permit which allows you to get into the job of cocktail waitress.
  • Next thing which is required is to gain experience of serving from a good/well reputed bar/pub.

Skills required by a Cocktail Waitress:

The basic skills which are required to become a Cocktail Waitress are:

  • They should be well behaved and make sure that their costumes are clean and free from wrinkles.
  • They should have good communication skills so that they can serve better to their customers.
  • They should be cool head and quick in serving beverages in busy hours.
  • Able to work at late night.
  • They should always wear a smile on their face and have proper knowledge of serving drinks with different styles.

Professional Growth:

A cocktail waitress is a highly paid waitress. It varies from one waitress to another. A waitress can become a high-paid waitress if they follow some instructions like wearing a smile, make friends, work where the big spenders go, establish a regular client base, be fast on your feet, etc. They can earn as much money as they want.

Published by Sarah Samson

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