Every industry has many sections or departments and the company runs on the combined effort of these departments. Any default in any of the departments would lead to the failure of the company. One of the most important departments of a company is the communication and public relational department.

The professional who works to maintain public relations with the firm is known as the communication director. The communication director lays down various research programs to implement brand promotions and lays down various objectives of the firm to the people and important clients. The communication director prepares the presentations to clear out the norms of the firm and tells about various strategies to approach the best work by the employees of the firm.

He or she carries out various campaigns to promote the brand and layout various press releases to make the name always in demand. They usually involve in building new relations to make the firm grow bigger with the largest number of clients using communication tools and to maintain the older relations with clients to make them stronger.

The communication director handles the promotion budgets and campaign finances and keeps the records for that. He or she provides monthly reports to the communication manager which contains every activity that has happened in the month related to the communication sector. They build strong relations with the stakeholders both internal and external to ensure the huge benefits of the company. The communication director job description will now provide you more information about the skills and career growth in this field.

Skills and Expertise Required

Qualifications required

The person must have a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. The master level degree in English literature and grammar or journalism would increase the chances of getting a job in the communication sector. A person would get the job at a lower post as a team member or executive being a fresher. The person with five or six years of experience can become a communication director after serving the communication sector for some years. Other than this, some skills are essential, which a person must possess to get into the field:

  • Communication skills: As the sector, itself says and involves large customer dealing, the communication skills of the person must be good. Also, he would have to write proposals to the clients and press matter; he must have good writing skills
  • Management skills: He or she must possess good management skills so that he/she is able to manage various activities at the department
  • Leadership qualities: He or she must be a good and unbiased leader, who can handle the team of 40-50 and direct them to the right path.

Career growth

The field is very good as public dealing is the most challenging task of the firm and very interesting for some who find the task enjoyable to convince people and for those who can easily do the task. Experience of 5-6 years is required, but if the candidate stabilizes with the work, it can get the position of a communication director easily, but he or she must have the above-mentioned skills to a great extent. The salary has no bars and it is very good but varies from firm to firm.

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