The beautiful cities with fine creative arts and superior buildings are not an effort of the owner, but the actual credit goes to the large number of workers that pour their efforts to construct these buildings. These workers work at construction sites and are known as construction laborers. The construction laborers work whole day and sometimes at nights to render group efforts, with a common target of completing the construction of some building in the assigned period of time with accuracy. These laborers work at buildings, highways, tunnels etc. They work at various shaft excavations and demolition sites.


The construction laborers make use of various tools like air hammers, earth tampers, cement mixers and various mechanical tools and measuring equipments. They do various activities at the sites like removing waste materials like asbestos, lead or other hazardous materials from the land. Before they could start the work they make the following arrangements at the sites, like making side braces at excavations, cleaning the sites and making the place appropriate to start off the work, digging trenches and controlling the traffic in that area.  The construction laborers read the plans and instructions before they could start the work. They make themselves aware of the specifications and divide the work accordingly. They make various measurements according to the plan and work with accuracy. They have the complete knowledge of all the mechanical equipments and tools used at the site.

You can find further information on skills required and career growth in construction laborer job description.

Skills and expertise required

Qualifications required

There are no specific qualifications for this type of work. A person with high school diploma or even lower can become a construction laborer. But he must have some important skills that are essential to carry on the task and they are as follows:

  • He must possess capabilities to work under heavy work load and be able to work in any shift
  • It is necessary to have a good knowledge of mechanical tools and measuring equipments that are used at the sites
  • He must have good numeric and mathematical calculations, so that the measurement work can be done efficiently by him at the site.

Career growth

The job requires hard work and depending on the service rendered, the pay differs. The salaries may be fixed or on an hourly basis.

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