The below written article gives a brief over view of what the construction manager Job Description and the construction project manger job description is.

The construction manger is the title given to the individuals having the responsibility of coordinating, planning and controlling the construction project from its commencement to the completion. They also see their responsibility in assuring that the requirements of the client concerning the standards and functionality are properly met. They regularly see the progress of the project for its successful completion.  In short it can be said that they are fully responsible for the project i.e., if any delays that happen, emergency due to bad weather, etc.

The construction mangers can also be given different titles as construction superintendent, constructor, project engineer, general superintendent, general construction manager, project manager, executive construction manager etc. These managers can be employed both on regular basis and on contract basis i.e. they can be full-time paid employees of firm or work under the contract of the employees.

The managers continuously supervise the construction site to regularly monitor its progress. They also keep the track and the progress to make the project within the budget. They can also make the reports for the material, labor, machine and the tools for the owners to check.

Responsibilities of Construction manager:

  • Directing, planning, and proper synchronization of the project.
  • Administering the whole construction project.
  • Forecast and manage the designs all through the building process.
  • Hiring, overseeing, and selecting the labor finished by the contractors.
  • Managing the production workers and their instantaneous supervisors.
  • Assuring that the project is finished in the specified time.
  • Find out the finest resource for building materials.
  • Estimating and scheduling the time required by the project to complete.
  • Finding out the requirements of the labor.
  • Supervising the hiring and the dismissal of the workers.
  • Checking the performance of the employees.
  • Scrutinize the conformity with set rules.
  • Acquiring an essential certificate or permits.
  • Assuring the safety of the construction workers.
  • Delivery of construction tools, equipment, and materials.

Education / Training:

  • Must have passed the degree of four years in the construction science, construction management and construction engineering. However, having a master’s degree can also be beneficial.
  • Should have attended the training conducted by the industry associations in alliance with the institutions.
  • Certification from the American Institute of Constructors, Certified Professional Constructor, Construction Management Association of America and Certified Construction Manager Etc.


  • Must be attentive enough to hear details properly.
  • Strong communiqué skills.
  • Fair coordination skills.
  • Self confidence.
  • Strong decision making process.
  • Good sense of creativity.
  • Proper knowledge of the construction tools and equipments.

Professional Growth

There are very good job prospects for the construction managers in the public and the private sector due to the rising of the constructions. The employment options for them are expected to rise in the coming years by almost 20%. The job openings are very fair for those having a degree in construction management. Construction managers can be employed in the residential building construction or nonresidential building construction, in the engineering, architectural firms, or by the local agencies, etc.

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