Desktop support professionals are the persons who give technical support related to the desktop computer and technology. Desktop support engineers are the ones who help other staff to assist in there work complete there work quickly and perfectly with the help of desktop support. They do the testing of computers, installations, and establish guidelines. They also assist in maintaining and testing the networks. They work in less supervision.

Training the staff on the use of hardware and software systems, troubleshooting of software and hardware systems, and train the staff on the usage of the software is a part of the desktop support job description. They ensure that the networks are working properly. They suggest the management to upgrade the systems. They can also be responsible for maintaining telephone systems.

Desktop support professionals work with the procurement department to purchase the hardware and the software needed. They should check the systems regularly and troubleshoot them when required. It is a part of their duty to travel from one place to another in order to rectify the technical problems.

Qualification and Skills Required


  • Completed the bachelors degree in information technology or computer science
  • Must have completed the short term course in windows 2000 or XP
  • Experience installing software, patches, updates on Desktops, Laptops, Servers

License Requirements –

They don’t need to have a license to operate but as the technology is growing faster the person must have the required certification to operate to avoid chaos afterwards.

Skills required by the Desktop support profession

General Skills Required –

  • Solve complex problems.
  • High degree of attention required to prevent damage to the systems
  • Maintain the External and Internal Relations
  • Ability to do two or more tasks at a time
  • Well versed in various operating systems.
  • Good practical knowledge in solving the problems.
  • Must schedule there work in advance
  • Sound Knowledge of all the software

Professional Growth

As there is an advancement of technology the professional growth of desktop supporters is also increasing. One can choose this as there career as it is replacing the old technicians due to technological development. Yes this profession demands being updated with the software and other technical aspects due to the constant advancements in the field.

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