A detective job is to make proper investigation of the crime and solve it. Majority of the detectives work for the police department; while few work for other departments; they observe the criminals and gather relevant information that might lead to solving the problem and finally help in getting the criminal arrested.

They make use of modern communication systems and computers to track down the criminals. A robbery or any murder in the area, it is the duty of the detective to find the motive behind the crime and how and why was it done. The most important thing is to make out exactly who did the crime. They should also have enough evidence to support their claim.

Qualification and Skills Required

Most of the detectives who are working currently are retired police officers. This means that a lot of experience is required before a person can think of becoming a detective. A high school diploma is required to become a police officer and a detective.

There is nothing wrong in saying that the person should have worldwide knowledge of everything. At least he should be aware of things happening around him as it is helpful in correlating things when a crime is committed. There are many colleges that provide courses in law, criminology, and police science.

Professional Growth

There is excellent job market for people looking out to make a career as detectives. Crime is not a stop, no matter how hard the authorities try. At times crime is committed under pressure, few times it is pre planned and done with the purpose to take revenge or for the sole purpose of monetary gain. So this is always worked for detectives.

There are many private investigation agencies that hire these detectives to solve their pending cases. A detective can earn comfortably around $ 70,000.

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