Whether the business is small or big there is need for a development director in every company. A development director job is to identify opportunities for the development of business. The major role in the development of any organization and its financial prosperity is that of a director. A development director is involved in tasks such as developing relationships with clients, identify new opportunity, look after the sales of the company and undergo negotiations for maximum output.

He should find new ways to sell the products and services of companies and also find new prospective customer or clients. He should have the ability to detect the change in taste of the end consumers and modify the marketing strategy according to that.

Qualification and Skills Required

Credentials and Abilities required

What are the essential requirements to be a development director?

The qualifications and abilities required in a person to become a development director are as follows:

The first requirement is a bachelor’s degree in the field of business administration. A person having a master’s degree will give added advantage to him in finding the job. Some organizations prefer to hire persons having master degree.

He should have worked as a business development officer for at least five to ten years or more.

The person should try to stay in one industry only, so that he gets in depth knowledge of the industry by the time he applies for the development director. Changing from one industry to another will not give him specialization.

The person should have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to develop strong profitable relations with clients.

Professional Growth

The growth in this career is comparable with other fields and positions. Every organization needs a business development director. So you can get hired easily if you have the desired amount of experience, qualifications, and qualities that the company is looking for. The salary part depends largely upon the industry he is working in, the company he is working for, and the performance he is giving to the company. On average a director can earn somewhere around $ 88,000 per year to as much as $ 160,000 per year.

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