The below written article give a brief over view of what the diesel mechanic job description is.

The title of the diesel mechanic is given to the professionals dealing in the maintenance and repair of the diesel engines. Diesel mechanics specialize in more than one category depending upon the category of the diesel engine. However, their job is much tougher than those of the petrol mechanics. They are employed directly in the companies or they work in their own workshops. With experience, the mechanics can also set up their own business.

Basically they are required to pact with the engine of buses, trucks or other vehicles of transport. But they can also repair the engines of the bull dozers, boat, farm tractors, buses and cranes etc.

Diesel mechanics can also upgrade themselves with the latest technology to repair the engines and grab the market attention online and anchor themselves in the field. They also do daily service of the vehicles such as changing their oils, breaking system, diagnosing the problem and the other related issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

Various tasks performed by a diesel mechanic:

  • The job of regular service performance, overhauling and checkups of the diesel engines.
  • Examines the engines and look for faults if any.
  • In case of faults, replacing the faulty part with the new one and reporting it to the owner.
  • Maintaining the record of the done jobs on the servicing and repairing of the engines.
  • Checking the lighting and electrical system of the vehicles.
  • Examination of transmission of the vehicles and assuring their smooth run-up.
  • Capability to work in a team.
  • Giving training to new employees or workers.
  • Safeguarding the people against any disaster.
  • Good listening and writing skills.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

The individuals aspiring to befall into the diesel mechanic are required to have pre defined education:

  • Diploma or associate degree in the mechanical, electrical or automobile engineering from some recognized institution.
  • Needs to have formal course of study and training from some registered institute for training.
  • Obtaining necessary certification after the clearance of the exam conducted by the authority.
  • Driving license.
  • Police clearance license.


  • Knowledge of the computers and the usage.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Must be strong physically and mentally.
  • Capacity to handle multiple tasks at one time.
  • Strong observation skills.
  • Calm and composed.
  • Conducting research on different issues.

Professional Growth

People having the specialization in this field are having a very good scope in the future. With the proper experience they can approach to the senior positions in the company. They can even become the managers or the supervisors of the organization. With the proper experience they can set up their own business.

However, the job prospects for them are likely to increase and have shown the projection of almost 15-20 percent in the recent years.

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