There are different ways to express ones creative skills, imagination power and what a soul thinks and feels. A person who makes it a profession to express his or her feelings in different ways is an art director. These feelings can be expressed in the form of a painting, video, and sculptures or in writing. An artist is a person who transforms his feelings in a visual form.

The head of an advertisement film company is also known as the art director. These people are professionals in creating and earn money out of it. The job may look glamorous from outside but it is quite stressful for the person who is doing the job. It is not easy to think of new ideas every time as and when it is required.

Qualification and Skills Required

A person looking to make a career in art needs to pursue a graduation course in the field of arts. The person should have working knowledge about photography, layout, typography, design, mechanical drawing etc. After the education is complete a person can build up his portfolio by taking up the internship. Experienced professionals provide internship to new graduates. This provides them on how to work in an advertisement agency.

An art director job does not need license to practice it as a profession. Apart from getting qualified a person needs to have a wide range on thinking in order to be successful in this profession. Good communication skills are necessary so that the director can convey his message effectively.

Professional Growth

A person who has the power of creative thinking can go a long way in this profession. The person should have a presentable personality and a good portfolio. Sky is the limit of success for these people. They can get job in a publishing company or in an advertising agency etc.

Some art directors are paid on an hourly basis and some get approximately of $ 65,000 per year on a monthly or weekly basis.

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