Doctors are considered only next to god by people from almost all the countries, as they are the saviors of our lives. Doctors are of two types ones who possess specialization in any field such as obstetrics, gynecology, anesthetics and the other kind is the general doctor with no specialization.

They diagnose the diseases and treat them by taking into consideration the entire history of the patient for an effective solution. Doctors also regularly check the patients admitted in several wards in the hospital. Doctors work in armed forces too apart from serving general public. They work for long hours sometimes continuously for more than 24hours at a stretch when the situation demands.

Their profession demands lot of patience. Doctors should have full knowledge of all the drugs prescribed to the patient. Public Awareness and health education is a part of the doctor job description. They impart training to the graduates to become successful doctors and act like a guide to them.

Keep the full record of types of equipment needed, drugs and other surgical items needed. To be a doctor you should be more dedicated to studying, as this profession demands more education and an undying passion to help others.

Qualification and Skills Required


They need to pursue their baccalaureate degree in medicine. The doctors who prefer to operate in specialized fields would have to pursue further education in the desired specialization

 License Requirements –

Doctorate need to have the license to carry there profession by state government and it is mandatory for a doctor to have the license to serve the public.

Skills required by these Doctor

General Skills Required –

  • Good analytical skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Sympathetic and patient attitude
  • Examining the patients and communicating well about there diagnosis.
  • Strong decision making skills
  • Solve difficult situation
  • Ability to prioritize the patients on there clinical health.
  • Time management skills
  • Team management skills, doctors should have ability to work under the team.
  • Effectively participate in orientation program.

Professional Growth

As the population is increasing at a tremendous rate so is the need for doctors. There can be never a hindrance to this profession and would remain to be unaffected by any recession. They might be required to work in rural areas. There is no promotion offered to doctors except in big organizations where they may be promoted to senior doctors. They can always be at higher and better-paying positions with better education and experience.

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