The work of an accountant is mainly preparing and analyzing financial reports. They charge certain fees for this work they provide to the public. They usually work in the company which provides their work to the public for a certain amount of money. Accounting firms may be contacted by anyone who needs help with their tax returns or by corporations that need help setting up accounts. Some public accounting firms are usually based on and maintained by one or more partners. Others are large companies with offices in many cities. Some public accountants are self-employed. They too can be connected by the general public or by companies alike.

Public Accountant Job Description

The main responsibilities of a Certified Public Accountant are maintaining and auditing a company’s financial records. Bookkeeping, taxes, government audits, and financial planning are also a part of their jobs. It is the CPA who oversees budgets and financial management, and makes sure that the financial records and checks of the company are accurate and if all investments, expenditures, and revenues are noted without discrepancies.

CPAs provide general financial management assistance to businesses. They research and analyze the company’s financial reports. They also financially plan various methods to reduce the cost of the firm. CPAs have an ethical code and they provide ethical financial advice to their client so that the client could be benefitted from the advice.

Public Accountant Responsibilities:

According to the BLS, the job of a CPA may vary. Certified public accountants who specialize in tax services prepare taxes for companies and individuals and serve as consultants for businesses regarding decisions relating to tax benefits. Some advise companies about employee compensation and benefits packages.

Public Accountant Qualifications / Skills:

A person must have an accounting degree if he or she wants to become a public accountant. Those Interested in going in for this job must have advanced math courses in their high school courses and college courses. In college, they should follow an organized program of courses related to accounting. A master’s degree is not necessary but it is preferred by the accounting firms. It gives a person a chance to develop a special area of interest, such as law or tax accounting.

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