Art Director is skilled person in arts who takes care of look and feel of pictures and scenes. Art Director should be innovative in ideas to impress the customers. Check the Art Director job description below to know more on what Art Director should study.

Art Director Responsibilities

  • Takes care of advertisement designing and other print materials
  • Looking after the commercials that are broadcasted on the television
  • Evaluate the quality of the finished product
  • Decides on the photographer, models, illustrator, and any other people to be taken for the filming of an advertisement.
  • Responsible to makes necessary changes in the print advertisement
  • Required to give directions to the team engaged in the process of designing an advertisement.
  • Responsible for the final go to be given on a newly developed advertisement.
  • Work along with the copywriter and decide on the concept of the ad
  • Create an advertisement for a magazine or billboard or a newspaper, he designs a rough layout of the advertisement on the computer. In the layout, he can decide on the fonts and colors that can be used to give it the best look.
  • Get layout approval from the client.
  • Send the final finished advertisement to print.

Art Director Qualification and Skills

A prospective art director should make a collection of their best work. The training required for an art director can be taken in a number of different ways. A high school student should take part in activities like mechanical drawing and drafting, photography. After finishing with the school, the person may opt for a two-year course or a four-year college. He may enroll in a special art school. The four year course provides a Bachelor degree in fine arts. The two year course gives training in basic layouts and past-up. The person applying for an art school needs to present a portfolio.

Career Growth

An art director can get promoted as an art supervisor and is required to manage other art directors on a particular account. He may pull up as the group head and manage the work of a group of accounts. A successful art director may become the vice president or the creative director of an advertising agency.

Normally a magazine publisher publishes more than one magazine. So a successful art director of a certain field may be asked to look at the artwork of a different field.

The advertising industry is affected by the ups and downs of the economy. The advertising budget of companies fluctuates according to the economy. The competition in the market is intense, but the people with good amount of talent and experience there is always an opportunity.

Salaries vary according to the experience and skillset an individual has. It is also affected by the geographical location. The average salary of an art director was $ 73,000 per year in the year 2014.

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