A crime scene investigator’s job is a very interesting job for anyone. It has very interesting tasks to be performed that help police to crack important crimes. A crime scene investigator job description, as mentioned below highlights all such interesting facts about the job.

A crime scene investigator is someone who visits the crime scene. Investigators collect evidence from the scene of the crime. They collect different types of evidence from the spot, it may be blood, clothes of the person who is dead as well as the one who killed him, they also collect other evidence like a cigarette, or if a bottle of wine is found on the spot, they also collect hair, slippers and everything that is found on the spot. After they collect this evidence, they take them to the forensic lab where forensic scientist performs different experiments and perform the different test. The crime scene is the spot where people from the different fields come to like people from a science background as well as people from the law department and people from the intelligence bureau.

Crime scene investigator is the person who goes to the spot where crime has occurred, there he looks for the different evidence and collects those evidences from the spot. He carries all the basic equipments with him and collects the dried blood from the spot with the help of the equipment, so that he doesn’t have to touch the blood and if any fingerprints are there on the floor it doesn’t get removed. Crime scene investigator also looks for the fingerprints on the floor, they have the kit where they have black and brown powder, they spray that powder on the floor and after that they collect the evidence from the spot.

They take care of every evidence that is found on the spot for, example, if a sweater is found on the spot, they don’t use their hands to pick them, they use tweezers to pick them so that if any evidence is there on the sweater, it won’t get lost and if any cocaine powder or any drug is there on the sweater, it doesn’t get washed away. So in order to pick the evidence, they use special tools so that not even single evidence is lost, because sometimes even single evidence is enough to solve the case, so each and every evidence is important and handled with care.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • In order to become a crime scene investigator one should have at least a four-year degree in forensic sciences or a degree in criminology.
  • One should be well aware of the software that is used for the examinations of the evidence that is collected from the crime scene.
  • He should also be very intelligent with sharp brains so that he collects evidence from the scene of the crime.
  • Another most important thing in him should be the honesty
  • He should be very honest in his work and should work for the welfare of society not for the criminals.
  • He should be faithful to his country as well as the people living in the country.
  • He should be loyal and dedicated to his work.
  • Scientific training is also necessary to be a crime scene investigator.

Skills required by the crime scene investigator

Crime scene investigator should have sharp mind and should be very intelligent. Following are the skills that describe the crime scene investigator:

  • They do the visual examination of the crime scene, so they should be very intelligent.
  • Since the crime can take place at any time, they should be very hardworking and ready to work at any time.
  • Should be able to work in any kind of environmental conditions.
  • Should be loyal in his or her work
  • Should work for the welfare of the society as well as for the country not for the criminals.
  • Should be able to work as a team.
  • Good communication skills as well can guide his team properly.
  • Should be able to handle the evidences that are found on the crime scene carefully.
  • Should be well aware of the tools and equipments that are used during the crime scene investigation.
  • Should know how to interview the witness and able to investigate the crime with the help of clues that are found on the spot as well as the clues given by the witness.

Professional growth:

These days society is full of crimes, every day we hear someone getting killed or some accident taking place, so at the crime scene we need crime scene investigator who looks for the evidence and helps the police to solve the case, so there are many job opportunities for the crime scene investigators.

They play a very important role in our life as they help in providing justice top the people who are killed by the criminals. So they can get a job in the central bureau of the investigation department or they can work for many detective agencies so there are many job opportunities for crime scene investigators.

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