The article mentioned below will give you a brief idea of what is the criminal investigator job description is all about. His work is to see that all people abide by the rules and regulations set by the law of the state and country.
The crime is solved by detaining and identifying a suspect so that he doesn’t indulge in such activities in the near future. The Officers who are professional usually work alone or sometimes in teams to solve a case.
He looks for clues and conducts interviews and closely observes the entire case. Some cases are solved in no time, that all depends on the capabilities and the things that are required to solve particular case.

These crime solvers have a valid degree in lab technology and these technologists help in unearthing the crime details.
They carefully analyze the scene and collect the required pieces of evidence like a fingerprint, cloth samples, weapons or foot prints, taking photographs and then these proofs are sent to the forensic lab for further study of investigation.

The Criminal Department has many branches such as homicide, murder, undercover operations, burglary, juvenile-crime and sexual assault.
Criminal investigators services are needed in both fields that is government and as well as in private. The fields he can apply in are Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Analyst, Managing and Identification department and fingerprint Specialist.

Roles and Responsibilities

These professionals work as private detectives hired by some agencies and various government departments. Their demand is more in the private sector.
Various tasks performed by a Criminal Investigator:
• Gathering of Evidence from the crime scene in form samples of hair, skin, clothes, and fingerprints and taking photographs related to the crime.
• Sending the proofs to the forensic lab for further investigations.
• Conducting interviews of victims, witnesses, and suspects.
• Issuing search and arrest warrants.
• Preparation of a report which is based on gathered evidence and testimonies.
• Establishing the identity of the victim or the suspect.
• Linking a suspect with the scene where the crime was committed.

Qualification and Skills Required

• Should have Masters Degree in Criminology/Sociology/Psychology.
• Masters Degree in Forensic Science.
• Should have an experience of 0-2 years.

• Should have strong communicative and interpersonal skills.
• Should have complete knowledge of the law and court proceedings.
• Should have the ability to work for a longer period of time.
• A Bachelors Degree is required in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Psychology.
• Should work in a team in order to solve an existing case.
• Professional Growth

Job prospects

• They are in huge demand and work for all sectors which includes government and as well as private.
• These professionals work as private detectives hired by some agencies and various government departments.
• Their demand is more in private sectors.

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