The below written article give a brief over view of what the criminal lawyer job description is.

The criminal lawyers are employed by the clients who are accused of doing a crime scene or murder. They can also sleeve the cases in opposition to a human being who has done the crime. Their jobs are very intriguing and take lot of experience to have the mastery in the legislature.

The criminal lawyer success lies in the ability to present cases and the confidence. They are trained and well familiar with the criminal laws and with fighting the cases. They can also be employed by the public and the private sector. However, their job is limited to the courtroom.

Roles and Responsibilities

Various tasks performed by a criminal lawyer:

  • They are required to make the notes, take a look at the previous record of the person and reserve the proofs to strengthen the case in their favor.
  • Meeting the witnesses and recording their statement to present in front of the court.
  • Taking care of the hearings and take desirable time for subsequent hearing.
  • Preparing the logical speech by making use of the defined law suits and terms to protect the accused person.
  • Making the contact with the police regarding the FIR and making the review of witness follow up statements.
  • Communication with the law clerk and discuss the case with the other attorneys.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

Every profession demands certain prerequisites for the position. The person aspiring to become defense attorney is required to pass the degree of bachelor’s in the law stream from the recognized college or university. In addition with that the person is also required to have the proper experience of working as barrister.

In spite of all these, the person also needs to have proper internship program in the recognized Juvenile Court Services or the Juvenile Probation Department in the department of the law and order. And a valid license of practicing law.


  • Must be attentive enough to hear details properly.
  • Strong communiqué skills.
  • Fair coordination skills.
  • Understanding of the offense, methods and the weapons used if any.
  • Knowledge of the code of conduct for the courts and the law suits.
  • Intake the duties from the jury to the court.

Professional Growth

The job outlooks for them are predicted to rise by 20 percent in the year of 2011 to 2020 which is fairly less than as compared to other occupations. However, the job progression in the field can be possible with the experience in the federal departments and by getting the specialization of the master’s degree in law.

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