A Curator is a specialist in the content of cultural heritage. The Curator Job Description is about the requirements and responsibilities of this job. In big organizations, there is more than one curator who specializes in different subjects like ancient art, drawings, and paintings. The Curator is responsible for the acquisition and care of the objects of cultural importance in the museums, galleries, archives, zoos, universities, and colleges, and in government agencies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Acquirement and care for things that are of importance.
  • Conduction of original research and then collection of related documents and objects.
  • Preservation of important artifacts and documents like stamps, coins, photographs and other historical objects.
  • Packaging and safe transportation of objects.
  • Conducting exhibitions and promotional events.
  • Managing display and catalogue of the objects.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

In order to become a curator the person must have a Master’s degree in the related field like history, art or science. Many large museums require the person to have a Doctorate degree in the same field and additionally the person should have a degree or diploma in marketing, public relations, administration or fundraising.

Some organizations prefer an internship in museum along with a course in museum maintenance.

Skills Required for Curator:

  • Knowledge of various fields and being regularly updated about the advancements and new findings.
  • Flexibility in work and physical strength.
  • Willingness to travel to gather important objects.
  • Presentation and marketing skills.
  • Regular publications.
  • Knowledge of Internet.

Professional Growth

The job prospects are expected on a higher side for these curators. The expected increase in the number of vacancies is about 19% in the coming years. The average salary of these curators is about $59,899 in the government organizations.

As far as professional growth is concerned the curators get regular promotions and can become the Director of the museum with experience.

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