Customer service manager job description explains clearly the work that is done by the customer service manager and also his responsibilities. Customer service manager is a person who is accounted to solve the problems of customers. He has to solve all the queries and problems of customers. He has to provide value added services to the internal as well as external customers of the company. He has to delight the customers by giving the accurate information, solutions and services to the customers of the company. He has to serve the customers with politeness and in humble manner.

Their job is tough. Sometimes people may get annoyed with the information or services of the company so it is the responsibility of the customer service manager to look after all these issues and resolve them without getting short tempered. They must have good listening skills. The role of customer service manager is to guide his team members into positive direction. He should motivate the juniors and colleagues to create a positive atmosphere. He should encourage the customer’s service representatives to give growth oriented results.

He manages all the details of customer service representatives and team leads. He must be aware of all the activities of the profile concerned. He manages all the practices and work of his department.

Qualification and Skills Required

Skills and credentials

Every professional requires some basic education. Basic education for him is graduation in any stream. Master degree of management also is taken into consideration by the employers. A work experience of 1 or 2 years helps a person to be a customer service manager. A good experience in a reputed company will definitely help him to learn and grab the opportunity of becoming a customer service manager. Certification or diploma program in handling of customers and customer service also helps in getting a good job as a customer service manager.

Different skills and traits are required to become an effective customer service manager. He should be positive thinker. He should have good communication and interpersonal skills. He has to have good leadership skills. Leadership traits help in winning the growth oriented results.

He should have motor skills. If he motivates his juniors and team lead effectively then they will definitely get the positive results for them and for the company. He should know how to manage all the records of the job profile and his department. He must organize the meetings and interviews with the customers and the clients to listen to their complaints and queries. He must evaluate the records and works of his juniors so that in times of need he will guide them properly and assist them effectively.

Career as customer service manager

Career as a customer service representative is a rewarding career. In the beginning, he may not get high packages but with due experience and knowledge he will get rewarding salary and perks. Average salaries of customer service manager are $70,837. It goes on increase as the experience increases.

The professional growth of customer service managers is very good. After getting a good experience with a reputed company he can move to the next higher profile of the manager. He can get a good salary with additional benefits like bonuses, compensations and all.

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