This Customer Service Supervisor Job Description would explain in detail what sort of tasks does a customer service supervisor usually does.

A customer service supervisor manages, oversees and administers customer service personnel related to customer services engaged in customer service duties. The work profile of a customer service supervisor is extremely competitive and demanding.

The major intention of this professional is to supervise whether all the clientage are pleased with the service provided by the customer service personnel on the spot. Knowledge is extremely important to handle this designation.

The customer service supervisor requires traveling more and interrelation with the clientage. He or she is also required to work late hours and on weekends to solve the matters of the clientage.

Roles and Responsibilities

Tasks of customer service supervisor:

  • The customer service supervisor should organize, arrange, plan, and apply the tactics to meet profits.
  • The chief duty of a customer service supervisor is to inspire the group members who straightforwardly interrelate with the clientage.
  • Their major aim is to give outstanding service to client issues.
  • Their duty is to alert the employees after receiving the phone call from the clientage.
  • Their duty is to allot the service permits to the customer service employees and oversee them when they are interacting with customers.
  • Guide and help the customer service employees if the agents do not solve the problem.
  • They instantaneously make sure whether the customer service agent is allotted to the service call of the client.
  • The customer service supervisor is responsible for every action and activity of a customer service representative.
  • The customer service supervisor makes sure that the problem is resolved.
  • They are also responsible for taking comments from the clientage about the service provided by the employees.
  • They report all the conditions of service proceedings to the head of the service department.
  • They supervise the presentation of the customer service representative and make sure that the bonuses are given to them based on feedback forms of customers and the total number of service calls.
  • They also instruct the clientage and make them know about product usage.

Roles and Responsibilities

Educational Qualification

  • The candidate must hold a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in the related area.
  • A diploma or degree in the field of customer services will be an added benefit.


  • The candidate must have 3-4 years of experience in customer service representative field.
  • Training is also beneficial.


  • He or she should have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent customer service skill is a prerequisite for a customer service supervisor.
  • Management qualities must be an inherent skill in case of customer service supervisor.
  • Capability to work for long hours is required in certain situations.
  • Eager to travel forms one of the main skills of customer service supervisor.
  • He or she must have excellent convincing and listening skills.
  •  A Customer Service Supervisor needs to have a detailed knowledge of the services and products.
  • Capability to work autonomously is the basic skill requirement of a customer service supervisor.

Professional Growth

There are high employment opportunities for this post. This profession is very demanding and extremely competitive.

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