The director of IT mainly plans, directs, manages and oversees the activities of the IT department. The director of IT is the chief authority in the Department of Information Technology. The director of IT looks after the overall development, and planning that is required in the domain.

Roles and Responsibilities

A director of IT also defends the network of the company and makes recommendations for new technologies and products.

The tasks that are performed by an IT director have been listed below in the job description of DIRECTOR OF IT

(1) The major job to be performed by an IT director is working on developmental programs on information technology that helps the company to scale to new heights.

(2) The Director of IT also directs the preparation and execution of standards, rules and policies that relate to information technology.

(3) Directing, controlling and motivating the staff members of the information technology department are also one of the important of task of director of IT.

(4) Management of resources like the staff and other technical resources like computers is the other task of director of IT.

(5) The IT director is responsible for maintaining the security of the company’s network and this includes working on restricting the access of the employees to websites and maintenance of security by other measures.

(6) Reviewing and evaluating latest technologies to improve the business.

Qualification and Skills Required

Credentials and Abilities Required-

In order to become a Director of IT a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, information technology or business administration is required.

  • A Director of IT needs to posses excellent communication skills both written as well as oral.
  • A Director of IT must possess commanding power due to the superiority of the position held in the information technology department.
  •  An ability to motivate the team while playing a team head, ability to work effectively as a team and possessing analytical and management skills are required.

Professional Growth:

The Information Technology industry is a booming industry and it offers plentiful opportunities for career development in the managerial as well as working level. The scope for better opportunities can be enhanced with several years of work experience and obtaining the required educational qualifications in the field of Information Technology.

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