Marketing is the core aspect of most of the organizations. It is the duty of the Director of marketing to make polices and strategies. They work on the four P’s and they are Product, Pricing, Packaging, and Promotion.

Roles and Responsibilities

They work closely with other departments. The work profile of the marketing director differs from company to company. Some of them are concerned with only product building and profitability while some with overall sales strategies. They need to carry extensive market research to learn more about their competitors and the survival strategies in the market. They are responsible for attracting customers towards the company and its products. They work on the principle of innovation.

They perform extensive research on the likes and dislikes of the customer and it is on this basis that they target the market and develop their products accordingly. Director of marketing works with the product development department, branding department, and promotion department they work very closely. They implement the strategies looking at the budget of the organization.

The Director of management keeps an eye on the latest trends even segregates the customers into categories for effective targeting. They manage the teams under them, negotiate with suppliers for materials and perform several other activities

Qualification and Skills Required


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or any related field from a renowned university
  •  MBA Degree in marketing related field

License Requirements –

Marketing director doesn’t need to take any license from the government. It is the company, in which he is working, that needs to have a license for the products they deal with to ensure that they follow all the laws and norms.

Skills required by these Directors of Marketing

General Skills Required –

  • Knowledge of Internet
  • Good communication skills
  • Hands on math and calculation
  • Analytical skills
  • Smart and active in market research
  • Honest and loyal towards customer
  • Should treat customers as a king
  • Willingness to learn
  • Self motivated
  • Good team player
  • Leadership qualities
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing daily activities
  • Proper co-ordination with other departments
  • Planning and organization abilities
  • Managing all public relations
  • Good problem solver

Professional Growth

The professional growth of the director of marketing is very promising. They hold the top position in the company and they might be promoted to vice president position in the organization if they perform well. They are usually hired from inside the organization depending upon their performance and are also paid quite well.

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