The below written article give a brief over view of what the director of nursing job description is.

The person who monitors the work of the nursing staff in the hospitals or any other health care centre is the director of nursing. The director of nursing manages the nursing programs and the medical facilities to maintain the standards of the patient care in the health centre. They give advice and suggestions to the medical staff and the department heads and work as administers in all nursing related matters.

Roles and Responsibilities

The position entitled to the nursing director requires having vast experience in the nursing and the capability to motivate people to work more. They have the responsibility of recommending the establishments, amending the policies and developing the management structure for the superior supervision. The nursing director also performs other tasks like directing and leading the work of others, while the aptitude and creativity is expected from him to get to the top management position.

Various tasks performed by the director of nursing:

  • Director of nursing duty is to organize, effectively plan and guide the implementation of the activities related to the nursing.
  • Must calculate and modify the objective and goals of managerial construction to give the paramount of their presentation.
  • He must make and implement the budget for the hospital by making proper reports for the top level management.
  • Ensures that the nursing programs are carried in the legal manners and all the rules and regulations are met.
  • By working with the human resources, they must work to promote and make the career of the nurses.
  • He must also make sure that the hospital is clean and hygienic and cleanliness is maintained in the premises.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

  • Bachelor in nursing science or something similar to that.
  • Associate Degree in Nursing.
  • Certification from National Council License exam for Registered Nursing.


  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Capability to judge the people and resolve the issues if any.
  • Strong written and oral communication.
  • Capability to manage all the tools in the operation room.
  • Updating himself or herself with the latest instruments.

Professional Growth

The job opportunities for the director of nursing are likely to increase in the coming years than the other professions due to opening up of large number of the hospitals in the cities. The future forecast is to be good for the nursing directors. They can be called for employment both in the government and the private hospitals. With the experience they can also opt for the profession of doctor.

The post of the nursing director is the highest of all. With experience, they fetch lots of money as their salary and also many benefits.

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