Operations are the major department of an organization. The position of Director of Operations is a very responsible job.

Roles and Responsibilities

The work that is carried by the director of operations is the scrutiny of various documents and policies, supervision of day to day work performed by sub-ordinates by keeping a close eye on them, co-ordinate with vendors for outsourced activities of the branch and ensure the TAT and SLAs, handle daily queries in functioning with customers and sales team which cannot be handled by the manager of operations, follow-ups of requirements to maintain high completion ratio within the stipulated time. The director of operations makes and gives presentations and communicates clearly to his sub-ordinates and managers of operations.

He/she also assigns the daily work to his managers. The Director of operations is also responsible for assuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization. The director of operations managers work closely with other departments and help them in making plans, procedures, and strategies.

They also communicate with the board of directors for proper co-ordination. Director of operations will also be responsible for payroll, account payable, grant report entry, managing the organization’s HR and direct annual budgeting and planning process for the organization’s annual budget with ED, oversee monthly and quarterly assessments, etc. These are part of the director of the operations job description.

Qualification and Skills Required

In USA most of the companies generally give training to the Director of operations before sending them to the job, so that he/she can perform well in his/her field and can fulfill organization’s requirements. During training period they have to prove themselves by facing various tasks conducted by the organization. A Director of operations should be highly qualified. The minimum qualification which would be required for the post of Director of Operations is post graduate in Finance and Accounting from a reputed college/university, additionally done a special course of 1 or 2 years. At least 2 years experience is must and he/she should have strong background and work experience in that particular field. He/she should have excellent communication both verbal and written skills so that he/she can interact with any kind of a person and he/she should have enough knowledge of his work.

Skills required by Director of Operations:

Following are the skills which are required to become a good Director of Operations:

  • They should be able to contribute to organization’s strategies and planning.
  • They should be capable of eliminating work load because they have a huge number of employees working under them.
  • They should always wear positive attitude so that a good environment will be maintained in the organization.
  • They should be responsible persons so that they carry forward the daily reports to Board of Directors.
  • They should create new methods of doing work and should not make work monotonous.
  • They should have some soft skills like Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Professional Growth

The professional growth of the director of operations is based on the performance in the previous quarter or year. It also refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. If there should be consistent progress in the performance of previous years then there are bright chances to get promoted faster. Professional development may also come in the form of various development programs.

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