Domestic engineer job description is an explanation of the job profile, required qualifications and job prospects of a domestic engineer. Domestic engineer, also called domestic goddess, is the one who takes care of diverse household activities. She can be a mother who stays at home or an outsider doing the job for a salary.

Roles and Responsibilities

Various tasks performed by a domestic engineer:

  • The foremost job of a domestic engineer is dusting and cleaning the house.
  • Scheduling appointments and hosting parties.
  • Taking care of kids, playing with or arranging games with the children, and disciplining them.
  • Grocery shopping, preparing food, and feeding it to the children.
  • Dropping off and picking up kids from school.
  • Paying bills like those of phones, electricity, and water.
  • Handling chores such as gardening, laundry, minor household repairs, answering phone calls.
  • Looking after ailing children and taking them to the doctor.

Qualification and Skills Required


  • No specific education or degree is required to take up the duties of a domestic engineer.
  • If one wishes to take up this job in the corporate world, she is expected to have at least a graduate degree.


  • Domestic engineers should be honest and discreet.
  • The confidentiality and privacy of the family and household must be maintained.
  • Physical stamina and mental toughness are very essential for this job.
  • The person needs lots of patience to be a good domestic engineer as the work and working hours are very unpredictable.

Professional Growth

  • The occupation of a domestic engineer is among the fastest-growing.
  • Many large corporations, as well as small companies, need domestic engineers who are qualified.
  • Their average annual salary is $65,000.
  • For the stay-at-home mother, this job does not offer any financial rewards or promotions but the love and appreciation of the family is a big incentive.

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