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Kevin Scott

Assistant Human Resources




A self-motivated individual with 4 years’ Human Resources work experience who is competent with a strong aptitude for an organisation. A pro-active, resourceful and reliable team player that works to targets.



  • MS Office-Word
  • MS Office-Excel
  • Simplified Cangjie Input
  • Muitiable(HR System)


Work Experience


Assistant Human Resources Officer

Jivan Construction & Engineering Company Limited

Jan 2020


  • Set up a human resources information system from excel files to AlphaHRMS.
  • Advise managers on policies such as publish a Staff handbook.
  • Conduct recruitment process and probation survey.
  • Handle the full payroll cycle including payroll calculation, leave management, MPF administration and Employee Compensation Cases.

Human Resources Assistant

Sundart Holdings Limited

Sep 2019


  • Responsible for Compensation and Benefit exercises included full cycles of monthly payroll routines, a benchmark of salary review and set up a budget for next year (Hong Kong and Macau).
  • Covering two areas for the organization supports the team in providing the full spectrum of HR services. Renew the annual medical insurance package.
  • Prepare monthly salary breakdown reports. Assist on Extension of Time (EOT) and revise the resume.

Working Holiday


May 2015





Bachelor of Human Resources Management

San Jose State University

Feb 2019


Advanced Diploma of Human Resources Management

Northeastern University

Apr 2017





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Tips to Write a Human Resources Assistant Resume

A human resources assistant is a person who works in the field of employee management. Such work includes gathering data about staff, developing personnel policies and procedures, and maintaining a database of contact information for employees.

The perfect human resource assistant resume should highlight your skills as well as your experience on past projects. It should also show how you are qualified for the position you are applying for.

This article will show you how to write the perfect Human Resources Assistant Resume so that your skills shine through. You will learn what makes this type of resume special and how you can use the elements on your resume to show off your strengths.

Human Resources Assistant Job Description:

As a human resources assistant, you will assist the Human Resources representative in developing policies and procedures, as well as implementing them. You will also maintain a database of employee information.

Human Resources Assistant Job Role & Responsibilities:

The human resources assistant role and the responsibilities within the position vary, especially within small to medium-sized companies. The duties of a human resources assistant can include:

  • manages employee benefits
  • creates annual personnel policies and procedures
  • Manages employee files and other confidential records
  • Develops assessments for employees to evaluate their performance levels (e.g. training, development, etc.)
  • Collects and manages employee performance evaluations
  • Hires new employees and conducts interviews.
  • Offers assistance to employees
  • Performs other administrative tasks related to employee records and benefits.

Human Resources Assistants are usually Human Resource Specialists who work closely with a HR Representative and have a much broader scope of responsibilities than in more traditional HR roles. Human Resource Assistants are also often called “HRAs” or “HR Assistants.

The HR assistant will conduct reference checks and background checks to make sure that candidates are qualified for the role they’re applying for. The HR assistant might also screen resumes. Depending on how a company chooses to approach hiring, this could be left up to the HR manager or handled by the HR assistant in conjunction with the manager.

Human Resources Assistant Resume Summary:

To create your Human Resources Assistant Resume Summary, start with the purpose of the role. Then describe how you will help the Human Resources representative in this role. Highlight your previous work experience. Then – after stating what skills and abilities you have – complete your resume summary by listing any key words that are related to that job function.

Example summary:

” I am a highly organized and experienced Human Resources Assistant with a passion for employee welfare. I have experience in the areas of administration, communications, and data entry, and have developed excellent proofreading skills. My proven organizational skills will help implement Human Resources policies and procedures as well as keep all employee records organized. I look forward to continuing my professional development with your company.”

“Having 5 years of Human Resources experience, I have extensive knowledge of the benefits program, employee policies & procedures, and employee files. I’ve taken part in numerous performance assessments and evaluations, and I can verify my professional qualifications as a Human Resources Assistant.”

“As a Human Resources assistant, I am able to organize important data, write reports for review purposes, help organize files for future reference and keep track of vital records. My attention to detail will help ensure top-quality HR policies and procedures are implemented.”

Top 15 Human Resources Assistant Key Skills:

Human Resources Assistants work closely with Human Resources staff, and as such, are expected to have the following skills:

  1. Effective interpersonal skills
  2. Proven organizational skills
  3. Strong communication & customer service skills
  4. Project management experience
  5. Develops employee files and benefits programs from start to finish.
  6. Knowledge of human resources office structure, policies, procedures & HR essentials (benefits, HR data entry).
  7. Works with clients, staff and managers to develop paperwork.
  8. Proven ability to interact with all age groups (older adults, youth & disabled).
  9. Attention to detail
  10. Strong computer skills (MS Word and Excel)
  11. Can work independently
  12. Excellent attention to detail and proofreading skills.
  13. Proven ability to meet deadlines
  14. Comfortable with MS Word, Excel, databases, and spreadsheets
  15. Proven ability to prioritize tasks and organize data.

Human Resources Assistant Education Qualification:

As a Human Resources Assistant, you might find that a higher-level degree is required for some positions. After completing an HR assistant training program from an accredited agency, you can then look for work as an entry-level human resources assistant or begin with a certification of completion from the accredited agency which you can add to your resume.
– The length of time it will take to complete the training program varies greatly.
– Most training programs offer the option of achieving a certificate of completion, which can then be added to your resume.
– After completing the training program, you can then decide whether you’d like to become a full-time or part-time HR assistant.

Guide to Write a Human Resources Assistant Resume with no experience:

You’ve decided to pursue a career as a Human Resources assistant, but you have no experience. You know that having HR experience on your resume is an essential part of getting your foot in the door, but you don’t have any work experience in the field. What should you do?

  • You can acquire the skills and knowledge needed by completing an HR assistant training program from an accredited agency.
  • If you’re just starting out, you could consider acquiring the certification of completion.
  • Utilizing a combination of the above methods is also an option.
  • Human Resources assistants must also be able to communicate with clients, staff, and managers, so ability in public speaking and leadership is essential.
  • Most Human Resources assistant training programs are for entry-level assistants, although some specialized HR assistant programs may be available for those with advanced skills.
  • Your resume should include information about your education and anything related to HR on your resume.
  • You should also have a basic knowledge of computer programs for HR like MS Word, Excel and databases.
  • Additionally, if all else fails, you can always get some hands-on experience by working in an HR assistant position such as a part-time consultant or volunteer.

Guide to Write a Human Resources Assistant Cover letter:

Employment of HR assistants is expected to grow 16% through year 2022, the majority of which are part-time positions. HR assistants may find employment in corporate offices, for example in Fortune 500 companies or small businesses as well as in non-profit and educational environments such as schools and universities. Additionally, companies often contract independent contractors to work as HR assistants on an hourly basis.

Tips to write a Cover letter:

  • Consider your cover letter as your first impression with a potential employer. It should be professional, well-written and free from errors.
  • Your cover letter should be tailored to the job and list all of the skills you have that are related to the job for which you’re applying.
  • Your cover letter should also include information about any relevant experience or education.
  • You may want to include references on your resume or in a separate section of your cover letter.


I hope you like this comprehensive resume guide to write a Human Resources assistant resume and be successful in your job hunt. Please feel free to use our sample resume and free CV builder to build your resume and download it in PDF file format. All the best!!