Operations Manager CV Sample

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Richard Tim

Operations Manager




Enthusiastic Operations Manager with a strong thirst to dive in and help transform business operations with the use of data and technology innovations. Always eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent leadership, analytical & organizational skills. Highly motivated to learn, grow and excel in all I do.



  • Customer service
  • Phone experience
  • Professional
  • Works well with others
  • Employee training and development
  • Learns quickly


Work Experience


Operations Manager/DNC Compliance Officer




Assist Director of Operations with daily duties. Help manage special campaigns. Track PTO hours for Operation department employees. Create various documents and spreadsheets using Microsoft Office or Google. Assist with creating new campaigns on Dialing system. Help monitor agent activity. Handle irate customers calling in to be placed on the Do Not Call list and sending letters to them when requested explaining reason for calls and the company Do Not Call policy.

Agent Coordinator/Shift Manager/Head of Coaching


Nov 2015


Coordinated 20-30 independent contractors, tracking their requested hours, monitoring overall performance, and being the main contact with the company.  Supervised 4 shifts a week. On boarded new independent contractors and oversaw training. Hosted quarterly webinars for training and refresher purposes. Created power point presentations. Supervised coaching program, tracked which agents needed help and monitored the coaches working with the agents.

Senior Assistant Manager


Apr 2012


Assisted shift manager with shift duties. Supervised 2 shifts a week. Coached and worked with agents to help improve effectiveness and productivity. Reviewed calls and reports to determine best way to help agent achieve goals. Ran 2 automated dialing system. Trained assistants on both automated dialing systems.  Assisted with training new agents.

Assistant Manager

MNS Marketing

Dec 2007


Viewed and audio monitored calls for quality control. Coached and worked with 1agents to help improve effectiveness and productivity. Ran 2 automated dialing systems

Telephone Service Representative

MNS Marketing

Feb 2003


Make customer service calls on behalf of newspaper companies across the United States including but not limited to sales, upgrades, starts, and reinstatements. Conducted survey calls checking on delivery of phone books.




High School Diploma

San Jose State University

Jun 2000





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Operations Manager Resume?

When writing a resume for an operations manager position, there are certain key pieces of information that should be included. It is important to highlight both your managerial skills as well as your ability to handle the tasks associated with the position.

The first piece of information that must be included in an operations manager resume is a summary of your key qualifications and relevant experience. This should include the ability to manage and lead teams, as well as any previous experience managing operations. Your experience should include specific roles and responsibilities, such as developing operational plans and procedures, and any special or technical skills you may have.

In addition, it is important to include relevant education experience on your operations manager resume. This should include any relevant degrees or certifications you may have, as well as any professional development courses you have taken. This can help demonstrate your commitment to the field and your commitment to continuing to learn and grow.

Finally, it is important to include any professional affiliations or memberships that you have. This can help demonstrate your commitment to the industry and your connection to the larger industry. It can also show future employers that you are active in the industry and willing to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

By including all of these key pieces of information on your operations manager resume, you will be able to create a resume that will stand out from the competition and present yourself as the ideal candidate for the position.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Operations Manager?

Operations Manager is a very important role in any organization, and as such, having a well-crafted resume is essential to capture a potential employer’s attention. When writing your Operations Manager resume, it is important to focus on the skills and experience you have that are relevant to the job. Here are some of the most important skills to include on your Operations Manager resume.

First and foremost, Operations Managers need to have strong leadership and management skills. This includes the ability to delegate tasks to other members of the team and create an environment of cooperation and trust. Additionally, it is important to have excellent organizational skills, as well as the ability to plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Furthermore, it is essential for Operations Managers to be knowledgeable in business processes and concepts. This includes understanding the financial aspects of managing a business, as well as the ability to develop strategies for increasing profitability. Additionally, Operations Managers should have a thorough understanding of the industry and its trends, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Finally, Operations Managers must have excellent communication skills. This includes the ability to present ideas effectively and confidently, as well as the ability to work effectively with other departments. Additionally, they must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills in order to identify potential issues and develop solutions.

By highlighting these core skills on your Operations Manager resume, you are sure to stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting the job.

What Is The Job Description Of The Operations Manager?

The job description of the Operations Manager involves overseeing and directing the day-to-day operations of a business or organization. They are responsible for creating efficient systems to ensure that the operations of an organization run smoothly. This involves creating and maintaining organizational structures, delegating tasks, and managing resources. An Operations Manager must also be able to analyze operations to identify areas of improvement, create and implement process improvements, and develop long-term strategies for operational success.

In addition to coordinating and overseeing general operations, an Operations Manager will often have to handle human resources, develop and manage budgets, and complete other administrative tasks. The Operations Manager must also have strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

The role of the Operations Manager is often a challenging one requiring strong problem-solving and multitasking abilities, as well as an understanding of the organization’s overall objectives. An Operations Manager must be able to think quickly and efficiently while maintaining a professional and organized demeanor.

Overall, the job of the Operations Manager requires an individual who is highly organized, detail-oriented, and has the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. They must be able to work independently as well as collaborate with other departments and stakeholders, and must have strong leadership and communication skills. The role of the Operations Manager is an important one, and having an effective resume is key in order to land the job.

What Is A Good Objective For A Operations Manager Resume?

When crafting a resume, the most important section is the objective. An operations manager resume should focus on highlighting the candidate’s abilities and experience while emphasizing the employer’s needs. A good objective should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to effectively manage projects and lead teams.

When writing an operations manager resume objective, it is important to emphasize the desired skills and experience. An effective objective should highlight the candidate’s ability to lead and manage people, coordinate resources and processes, and foster a collaborative environment. It should also indicate a commitment to achieving organizational goals and objectives.

The objective should also focus on the specific skills and qualifications that are essential for the position. An operations manager should have experience leading teams, managing projects, and developing strategies that support organizational objectives. Additionally, the candidate should have the ability to effectively manage resources, develop processes, and utilize technology to streamline operations.

Finally, a good operations manager resume objective should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to think critically and problem-solve. The objective should also emphasize the candidate’s commitment to achieving organizational goals and objectives. This can be done by discussing past accomplishments that show the candidate’s ability to lead and manage resources effectively.

In conclusion, an operations manager resume objective should focus on the candidate’s experience, skills, and qualifications that make them an ideal candidate for the position. It should also emphasize the candidate’s commitment to achieving organizational goals and objectives. By following these tips, job seekers can create an effective operations manager resume objective that will help them stand out from the competition.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Operations Manager?

Operations Manager is one of the most sought-after positions in the corporate world. This is due to the fact that these professionals are responsible for the day-to-day operations of an organization. From supervising the production of goods and services, to ensuring that all staff are properly trained and equipped to fulfill their duties, and ensuring that the company meets its targets, the role of an Operations Manager is critical.

The career prospects of a successful Operations Manager are immense. As an Operations Manager, you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of departments, including IT, finance, sales, marketing, and customer service. Additionally, you will be responsible for developing the strategic and operational planning of the organization. This makes it an ideal role for those who are looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding.

The job outlook for Operations Managers is expected to remain strong, as the global economy is becoming increasingly competitive. The demand for highly-skilled professionals in this field is increasing, as organizations are looking for individuals who can provide strategic guidance, manage resources efficiently, and help them reach their goals.

In addition to the job opportunities, becoming an Operations Manager also provides an opportunity for career growth. With the right experience and qualifications, you can progress to higher-level positions, such as a Director of Operations or a COO. If you are looking to make a career out of Operations Management, then the rewards can be great.

Ultimately, becoming an Operations Manager is a great way to gain the necessary skills and experience needed to succeed in the corporate world. With the right qualifications, you can make a great career out of this field. With the right resume and the right attitude, you can open up a world of career possibilities.

Key Takeaways for an Operations Manager resume

When it comes to writing an operations manager resume, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind. First, make sure to include all relevant job experience and skills that you possess. This includes any management experience, problem-solving skills, and budgeting abilities. Additionally, be sure to highlight any successes you have had as an operations manager. These could be anything from overseeing a successful project to having a track record of meeting deadlines or improving efficiency.

Second, make sure to include important metrics like the number of people you manage, the size of the budget, or the size of the organization in which you worked. This provides the reader with a detailed understanding of the scope of your work. Additionally, be sure to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. This could mean mentioning how much you saved the company in dollars, how much you increased revenue, or how much you reduced waste.

Finally, don’t forget to include any special certifications or professional development classes you may have taken. This shows prospective employers that you are capable of adapting to new technology and trends within the industry. Additionally, make sure to tailor your resume to the job description. Be sure to highlight any skills or experience that the job description specifically mentions so that the employer will be able to see that you are the right fit for the job.