PHP Developer Resume Template

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Victor Scott

PHP Developer




I have decided to change my career to programming. I have always been interested in programming and last year I attended a programming course. During course I learnt about basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, MySQL, object-oriented programming, Javascript.

Moreover since then I developed my skills. My goal is to improve my knowledge and gain experience in programming.



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Java Script
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • Java


Work Experience


Senior Compliance Analyst/Compliance Analyst

MoneyGram International

Sep 2019



  • Evaluating fraudulent or suspicious activity of transactions
  • Managing the investigative process from initial detection to disposition
  • Reporting to Goverments Regulators considering guidelines and country regulatory requirements
  • Training of new joiners

KYC/AML Analyst for Deutsche Bank

HCL Technologies




  • Undertaking quality reviews of clients’ KYC records
  • Investigating and escalating issues related with client types and structures, financial products and services
  • Verifying client data in line with regulatory requirements
  • Classifying clients risk level from regulatory perspective

AML Analyst

Citibank International Limited




  • Analysing alerts and investigating transactional activities to detect any suspicions of money laundering and terrorist financing activity
  • Operating with agreed business SLAs and confidentiality standards
  • Analysing data derived from internal systems and the Internet
  • Building and applying knowledge of money laundering process




Finance, Accounting and Insurances; Master’s Degree

San Jose State University



Finance, Accounting and Insurances

Finance and Accounting

Northeastern University



Bachelor of Finance and Accounting




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A PHP Developer Resume?

When writing a resume for a PHP developer position, it’s important that you include all the necessary information to demonstrate your qualifications and abilities. A well-crafted resume can make you stand out from the competition, so be sure to highlight your most impressive skills and experience. Your resume should include your contact information, education, work experience, and any other skills or projects that you have done in the field of PHP development.

When writing about your experience, focus on the most recent and relevant positions. Be sure to include any technical certifications you possess, such as a Certified PHP Developer (CPD), that can make you more attractive to employers. You should also be sure to include any programming languages you’re familiar with, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

When describing your projects, be sure to be specific and provide examples. Don’t just list the technologies you’ve used; explain how you used them and what results you achieved. Your resume should also include any awards or recognition you’ve received for your work.

Finally, include a list of any websites, applications, or projects that you’ve developed with PHP. This will help employers to quickly assess your abilities and will demonstrate your capabilities in the field. Make sure you list the most impressive projects at the top of the list.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For PHP Developer?

Writing a strong resume is one of the most important steps you can take to stand out among other PHP developers vying for the same job. As a PHP Developer, you need to be able to demonstrate your expertise in writing code, designing and implementing applications and databases, and understanding web technologies. To ensure you make a positive impression, it’s important to include key skills that demonstrate your qualifications for the specific job you’re applying for.

When applying for a PHP developer position, it’s essential to highlight your experience with coding languages such as PHP and HTML. Additionally, it’s important to include other programming languages you are comfortable working with such as JavaScript, CSS, and MySQL. These skills demonstrate to employers that you can work with a variety of systems and are knowledgeable in the technology necessary for the job.

In addition to coding languages, employers look for other skills that demonstrate your technical expertise. You should include your experience with databases and content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal, as well as any knowledge of frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. Employers also look for experience with web servers such as Apache and Nginx, as well as version control systems such as Git and SVN. These skills demonstrate that you are comfortable working in a variety of systems and have the experience necessary to be successful.

Finally, employers often look for other skills that demonstrate your ability to work in a team and use communication tools such as Slack and GitHub. Additionally, employers want to know you are familiar with debugging and testing tools such as PHPUnit and Xdebug, as well as code review tools such as PhpStorm and Eclipse . Being able to demonstrate familiarity with these tools shows employers that you are serious about your work and can quickly become a valuable part of their team.

What Is The Job Description Of The PHP Developer?

A PHP Developer is a programmer specializing in the development of web applications using the PHP programming language. They are responsible for creating, maintaining and troubleshooting websites, applications, and databases. PHP developers must also be familiar with a variety of database systems, including MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL. Additionally, they must have a good working knowledge of server-side scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The primary job of a PHP Developer is to build, design, develop and maintain websites and web applications. They may also be required to troubleshoot existing software and perform system maintenance tasks. They must be able to analyze the needs of the customers and determine the best way to meet those needs. Additionally, PHP Developers must possess excellent problem-solving skills, be able to work in a team environment and have excellent communication skills.

To become successful, a PHP Developer must stay informed about the latest trends in web technology. They must also have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming and the fundamentals of web development. In addition to their technical skills, a PHP Developer must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

What Is A Good Objective For A PHP Developer Resume?

When writing a resume for a PHP developer position, it’s important to create an effective objective statement. The objective statement should highlight your major skills, qualifications, and experiences that are specifically related to the job you are applying for. It should communicate to the hiring manager why you are the best qualified candidate for the job.

When writing your objective for a PHP developer resume, it’s important to focus on the specifics of the job description. Make sure to include any technical skills, such as knowledge of HTML, CSS, or MySQL, that are required for the job. In addition, mention any experience you have with open source frameworks or technologies, such as Laravel and Symfony.

You should also include your experience in coding, debugging, and troubleshooting. If you have any experience with developing web applications or websites, you should also mention this in your objective. Finally, make sure to mention any specialized training or certifications you have in PHP development. This will show that you have the necessary skills to succeed in the position.

By creating a well-crafted objective statement, you will be able to demonstrate your qualifications to the employer and stand out from the competition. Remember to include the specific skills and qualifications you possess that make you the ideal candidate for the job. With an effective objective statement, you will be on your way to landing the perfect PHP developer job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The PHP Developer?

The career outlook for PHP developers is quite promising. With the ever-increasing demand for web applications and e-commerce solutions, the need for skilled PHP developers is growing steadily.

With the right skills and experience, a PHP developer can find a great job in an established company, start-up, or freelancing. Most jobs require a minimum of two years of experience, although some companies may require more.

Since PHP is an open source scripting language, developers don’t need to purchase expensive software to use it. This makes it an appealing language to learn, as it is a great way to get started in web development without a large upfront cost.

PHP developers can find plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and stay ahead of the curve by joining forums and participating in conferences. There are also many online resources for learning more about the language and staying up to date with the latest trends.

Overall, the job market for PHP developers is quite healthy and should remain that way for the foreseeable future. Companies are hiring more and more employees with PHP experience and are willing to pay top dollar for the best talent. With the right skills and experience, a PHP developer can easily find a job and have a long and successful career.

Key Takeaways for an PHP Developer resume

When crafting your resume as an PHP developer, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First off, your resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for. This means highlighting the skills, experience, and knowledge that make you the best candidate for the position. Additionally, include your most impressive projects and any noteworthy accomplishments you’ve achieved as an PHP developer.

It’s important to include a few relevant keywords in your resume to help make it more searchable. This means including words like “PHP,” “MySQL,” “HTML,” and “CSS” to give recruiters an idea of the types of programming languages and tools you use. Additionally, keywords like “agile methodology,” “test-driven development,” and “OO programming” can help to demonstrate your proficiency in various development strategies.

As you create your resume, you should also focus on showcasing the impact you’ve had on past projects. This means highlighting how you solved complex coding problems, streamlined development processes, and improved user experiences. Your resume should demonstrate how you can take initiative and drive projects forward.

It’s also important to include examples of your communication and collaboration skills. Examples of this include your ability to work with other developers, provide customer support, and work with other members of the team. This will demonstrate your strong interpersonal abilities and desire to work in a team environment.

Finally, make sure to update your resume regularly. This will ensure that the information is current and that you’re showcasing the most up-to-date skills and accomplishments. Additionally, double-check for any typos or grammatical errors before submitting your resume.