SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Resume Sample

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Christa Tim

SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant


I am s skilled SAPUI5/Fore developer with 3 years of experience in designing and developing responsive web applications and user interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery. I have a fashion for creating intuitive and engaging user experience and am dedicated to delivering high- quality projects on time.


  • Eclipse
  • JavaScript
  • OData
  • Web IDE
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GIT

Work Experience


Genpact India Pvt Ltd

Jun 2023

  • Responsible for enhancement and addition of new features to existing Custom Fiori Applications.
  • Good experience with Fiori app design, UI implementation and using OData, JSON models in application development.
  • Developed custom UI5 applications with mobile responsiveness.
  • Developed Custom Controls to provide functionality and look and feel which is not provided by standard controls in SAP library.
  • Developed utilities for form validation & confirmation dialogs. Built theme for the project using UI Theme designer.
  • Developed custom UI5 applications with mobile responsiveness.
  • Experience with GIT repository and commands to enable parallel development and version management in big size project team.

SAPUI5 |Associate Consultant

Ubus Technologies

Dec 2021

  • Experience in developing custom SAP Fiori Applications,
  • Worked in SAP UI5, on topics like MVC, Navigation and Routing, Consumption of OData Service, JSON Model using SAP Controls like Tables, .
  • Extend standard Fiori app and provide additional functionality as per requirement.
  • Create groups, catalogues and assignment of fiori application to launchpad.
  • Develop & consume OData services in UI5/Fiori applications.


Bachelor of Engineering

San Jose State University

Aug 2018


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Unlocking the Role of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, the role of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant is emerging as a pivotal one. This unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen is steering organizations towards streamlined user experiences and enhanced productivity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the multifaceted world of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant, exploring the job requirements, responsibilities, and tips for crafting a compelling resume that showcases your expertise in this field.

What Does a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Do?

A SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant plays a crucial role in transforming the user interface and user experience of SAP applications within an organization. This role is not just about making things look good; it’s about optimizing processes, enhancing usability, and ultimately boosting productivity. Let’s explore the key responsibilities and skills that define the role:

  • User Interface (UI) Design and Development: A SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant is responsible for designing and developing user-friendly interfaces for SAP applications. This involves creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that improve the overall user experience.
  • Fiori App Development: Fiori is a design concept and technology framework for creating responsive, cross-platform enterprise applications. Consultants in this role are skilled in developing Fiori apps that align with an organization’s business processes.
  • Integration: SAP UI5 Fiori Consultants work on integrating Fiori apps with SAP systems and databases. This requires a deep understanding of SAP technologies and data structures.
  • Usability Testing: Ensuring that the UI5 Fiori apps meet user expectations and needs is essential. Consultants conduct usability testing to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.
  • Documentation: Clear documentation of design choices, development processes, and user guides is crucial for effective communication within the team and for future reference.

Being a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant is not just about technical skills; it’s about understanding the business processes and user needs to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and satisfaction.

Job Requirements for a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant

Stepping into the role of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant demands a specific skill set and knowledge base. Here are the prerequisites you should fulfill to excel in this role:

  • Education: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field is often expected. These degrees provide a solid foundation in technology and problem-solving skills.
  • SAP Expertise: In-depth knowledge of SAP systems, including SAP UI5 and Fiori, is essential. Consultants should understand SAP architecture, data models, and integration methods.
  • UI/UX Design Skills: Proficiency in user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design principles is a must. Consultants should be able to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Programming Skills: Familiarity with programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS is necessary for UI5 Fiori development.
  • Problem-Solving: SAP UI5 Fiori Consultants should have strong problem-solving skills to identify and address user interface and integration challenges.
  • Communication: Effective communication is key, as consultants often work closely with business stakeholders, developers, and designers to align on project goals and requirements.

Additionally, staying updated with the latest trends and developments in SAP technology is crucial for success in this dynamic field.

Responsibilities of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant

The role of a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant is multifaceted and dynamic, with various responsibilities that contribute to the success of SAP projects. Here are the core responsibilities that define this role:

  • Requirements Gathering: Consultants collaborate with business stakeholders to gather and understand user requirements. This involves conducting workshops, interviews, and surveys to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Design and Development: Consultants design and develop Fiori apps and user interfaces based on the gathered requirements. This includes creating wireframes, prototypes, and implementing the designs using SAP UI5 technology.
  • Integration: Integrating Fiori apps with SAP systems and ensuring seamless data flow is a critical responsibility. Consultants work on configuring and customizing SAP systems to support the new interfaces.
  • Usability Testing: User testing and feedback collection are essential to refine and improve Fiori apps. Consultants organize usability testing sessions and iterate on designs based on user input.
  • Documentation: Thorough documentation of design decisions, development processes, and user guides is crucial for knowledge sharing and project continuity.
  • Training: Consultants may provide training to end-users and support teams to ensure the successful adoption of Fiori apps.
  • Continuous Improvement: SAP UI5 Fiori Consultants stay updated with SAP advancements and continuously seek ways to enhance the user experience and optimize business processes.

Each responsibility in this role contributes to the goal of delivering SAP solutions that enhance user satisfaction and drive organizational efficiency.

Creating an Effective SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Resume

Your resume is your ticket to showcasing your skills and experiences as a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant. Here are some tips to create a compelling resume that stands out:

  • Highlight Relevant Projects: Showcase specific Fiori projects you’ve worked on, detailing your role, the challenges you addressed, and the impact on the organization.
  • Quantify Achievements: Use metrics to quantify your accomplishments, such as the percentage increase in user satisfaction or the reduction in process time achieved through your solutions.
  • Technical Proficiency: List your technical skills prominently, including proficiency in SAP UI5, Fiori, programming languages, and any relevant certifications.
  • Customize for Each Application: Tailor your resume to match the specific requirements of each job application, emphasizing the skills and experiences most relevant to the position.

Your resume should reflect your expertise, passion for UI/UX design, and your ability to drive meaningful change through SAP UI5 Fiori solutions.

Sample Education Section for Your SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Resume

Your educational background is an essential part of your resume. Here’s how you can structure your education section:

  • Master of Science in Information Technology, XYZ University, 2017
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, ABC University, 2014
  • SAP Fiori Certification, SAP Academy, 2018

Your educational qualifications provide the foundation for your expertise as a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant.

Key Skills for a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant

As a SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant, your skills are your toolkit for delivering exceptional user experiences and optimizing SAP systems. Here are the key skills you should possess:

Technical Skills:

  • SAP UI5 and Fiori Development
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • UI/UX Design Principles
  • SAP Integration
  • Programming Languages (e.g., Java, Python)

Soft Skills:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication
  • Team Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Adaptability

These skills enable you to navigate the technical and interpersonal aspects of the role effectively.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Resume

When crafting your resume, steer clear of common pitfalls that can hinder your chances of landing your dream SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant job. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Generic Resumes: Avoid using a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor your resume for each application to highlight the skills and experiences relevant to the specific job.
  • Lack of Metrics: Don’t simply list job duties. Use metrics to quantify your achievements and showcase the real impact of your work.
  • Ignoring the Cover Letter: Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written cover letter. It’s an opportunity to provide context and express your enthusiasm for the role.
  • Technical Jargon Overload: While technical knowledge is crucial, avoid overwhelming your resume with jargon. Ensure that non-technical readers can understand your accomplishments.
  • Failure to Proofread: Typos and grammatical errors can leave a negative impression. Proofread your resume carefully before submitting it.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help you create a polished and effective SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant resume.

Key Takeaways for Your SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant Resume

As we conclude this guide, remember these key takeaways when crafting your SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant resume:

  • Emphasize your ability to create exceptional user interfaces and drive efficiency through SAP UI5 and Fiori.
  • Showcase your technical proficiency and highlight specific achievements and project impacts.
  • Customize your resume for each application, focusing on the skills and experiences most relevant to the job.

By following these guidelines, you can create a resume that effectively communicates your expertise and passion for enhancing user experiences in the SAP world.

Finally, feel free to utilize resources like AI Resume Builder, Resume Design, Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Resume Skills, Resume Help, Resume Synonyms, and Job Responsibilities to create a standout application and prepare for the SAP UI5 Fiori Consultant job interview.