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Maleficent Polmba

Management and Marketing professional


Results-oriented senior professional with a comprehensive knowledge of end-to-end marketing and organisational functions. A record of driving successfully significant initiatives thru multifaced projects, proves strategic, operational acumen and a wide range of transferable competences.


  • Marketing
  • Cross boarders cooperation
  • Project management
  • Digital transformation
  • Team management
  • Processes

Work Experience

Senior Manager – Technology activation


Feb 2020

Managing a team of 3 senior professionals, leading a time bound function focused on adoption of new technologies and scaling functionalities across geographies. Growth initiatives deliver the organization digital transformation and revenue driving initiatives thru the marketing platform. Member of the extended leadership team and leading the eBay Culture initiatives.

Senior Manager – Global email marketing operations


Oct 2018

Promoted to Senior Manager and scaling my scope to Global, covering Europe, Australia, U.S., Russia, Latin America and a team of 20

Addressed geographical lack of resources, supported the omnichannel requirements scaling marketing capabilities across all countries.
Global change management of the revised marketing process from planning to analytics.

From selection to adoption of the new CRM infrastructure for omnichannel campaigns without data loss

Centralization and decentralization projects

Direct Marketing Manager – CRM team


Sep 2015

Managing a team of 8, tasked to deliver eBay content to the European and Australian customers for B2C, B2B and B2C.

Introducing operational metrics, 6 sigma methodologies, hiring standards and establishing cooperation with other regions.

Manager, CRM Marketing team – Europe and Australia

Monster Worldwide

Sep 2013

Account Manager – Nissan Europe

Tullo Marshall Warren

Oct 2008

Logistics dispatcher – Fuels marketing – Norway

Exxon Mobil

Oct 2007


Executive Master in Business Administration

San Jose State University


Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Corporate Communication

Northeastern University

Jul 2001


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A title Senior Manager Technology?

Senior Manager Technology role, there are certain key elements that should be included to make the document stand out. First and foremost, any applicant should showcase their technical knowledge and experience. This includes displaying tangible skills, such as programming languages, frameworks, and platforms, as well as more general areas such as project management and system architecture. It is also important to include references to strategic and creative accomplishments, such as the development of new technology solutions or the successful implementation of a project.

In addition to technical skills, a Senior Manager Technology should demonstrate and highlight their leadership capabilities. This means focusing on skills such as problem solving, communication, decision-making, and team collaboration. These skills are key to success in this position, so having an up-to-date account of their professional activities, achievements, and responsibilities will be beneficial.

Finally, when applying for a Senior Manager Technology role, it is important to also highlight soft skills, such as interpersonal and organizational skills. These can include experience working with clients, stakeholders, and teams, as well as successfully managing difficult conversations or resolving conflicts. These skills are essential for a Senior Manager Technology, and will help to demonstrate their ability to be an effective leader.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Senior Manager Technology?

When applying for a senior manager technology role, having the right skills on your resume is essential. The skills you choose to highlight should reflect your knowledge and experience in the field, and demonstrate your ability to manage people, technology, and processes.

The most important skills for a senior manager technology role include leadership, problem-solving, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Leadership skills will allow you to effectively manage a team of technology professionals, while problem-solving skills will help you to quickly resolve any technical or operational issues that may arise. Communication skills are essential to ensure there is a clear understanding between you and your team members, while organizational and interpersonal skills will allow you to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks.

Additionally, experience with various hardware and software programs and platforms is essential, as is knowledge of network security, cloud computing, and programming languages. Technical skills such as software engineering, computer architecture, and data analysis are also important. Demonstrating your understanding of IT infrastructure, software development, and system administration can help you stand out from the competition.

Finally, showcasing your knowledge of industry trends and regulations, as well as your ability to develop and implement policies and procedures, can also help to boost your chances of success. Demonstrating your ability to collaborate and work with stakeholders across multiple departments and industries will also be beneficial.

By emphasizing the above skills on your resume for a senior manager technology role, you’ll be well on your way to landing the job. Your experience in managing and deploying technology-based solutions, as well as your ability to develop and implement policies and procedures, will show potential employers that you have the necessary skills to be successful in the role. Furthermore, your ability to collaborate and work with stakeholders across multiple departments and industries demonstrates that you can solve complex challenges, build relationships, and lead interdisciplinary teams. These skills will help to ensure that you are able to meet the objectives of the organization and deliver successful outcomes.

What Is The Job Description Of The Senior Manager Technology?

The job description of a Senior Manager Technology is a challenging one. This person is responsible for developing and managing the technology strategy of the organization, and for ensuring that it is implemented in a timely and cost-efficient manner. They must have an in-depth understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives, as well as its internal and external resources. They must also possess the technical expertise and leadership skills necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive and successful technology plan.

The Senior Manager Technology is responsible for partnering with different departments to ensure that technology is being used effectively and efficiently. They are also responsible for creating and managing technology budgets, developing and maintaining technical standards, and ensuring that the technology infrastructure is up to date. Additionally, they must be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders and vendors to ensure that the organization is making the most of its technology investments.

In order to be successful in this position, the Senior Manager Technology must have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to identify opportunities to improve technology. They must also be able to think strategically and develop effective solutions to complex technology challenges. Additionally, the Senior Manager Technology must have a strong understanding of current and emerging technologies and be able to develop plans that meet the organization’s long-term objectives. Finally, they must be able to effectively present technology solutions to stakeholders and vendors, and ensure that their plans are followed.

What Is A Good Objective For A Senior Manager Technology Resume?

A senior manager technology resume should include a good objective that accurately reflects the job seeker’s professional goals. An effective objective should be clear, concise, and tailored to the job position. It should not be generic, but rather, should highlight the job seeker’s unique qualifications and experience.

For a senior manager technology position, an effective objective should include the job seeker’s qualifications, as well as their desired position and career goals. It should also mention the specific technologies, tools and processes the job seeker hopes to use to achieve their goals. Additionally, an effective objective should demonstrate the job seeker’s ability to lead a team, their ability to troubleshoot technical issues and their commitment to customer service.

When writing an objective for a senior manager technology resume, it is important to be specific and to include only the most relevant information. The objective should also be concise and to the point, focusing on what the job seeker can bring to the position. For example, a job seeker might state in their objective, “To use my extensive technical skills and experience to lead a team of engineers in developing innovative solutions to customer problems.”

In conclusion, an effective objective for a senior manager technology resume should highlight the job seeker’s qualifications, desired career goals and their ability to lead a team. It should be tailored to the job position, demonstrate the job seeker’s technical skills and commitment to customer service, and be concise and to the point.

What Are 5 Responsibilities Of A Senior Manager Technology?

As a Senior Manager in Technology, you have a number of responsibilities to ensure the successful development and implementation of new technology. Technology is always changing and it is your job to make sure that your team is staying up to date with the latest advancements. Here are five of the most important responsibilities of a Senior Manager Technology:

  1. Develop and maintain technology standards: You need to ensure that the technology your team is using is up to date and following the industry standards. This will involve researching and testing the latest technology, creating policy guidelines, and leading your team to adhere to the standards.
  2. Manage software and hardware solutions: You need to be aware of the different software and hardware solutions available in order to choose the right ones for your business. This includes researching, testing, and making sure that the solutions you choose are the best fit for your business needs.
  3. Provide technical support. As a Senior Manager in Technology, you will be responsible for providing technical support to your team members when they need it. This includes helping them troubleshoot any problems they may be having with the technology or helping them find solutions to their challenges.
  4. Communicate with vendors: It is important for you to be able to communicate with vendors in order to get the best deals and services for your business. You need to be able to negotiate terms and discuss solutions that will benefit both parties.
  5. Manage cybersecurity: Keeping your data and systems secure is a critical responsibility of a Senior Manager in Technology. You need to be aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and methods and make sure that your team is following best practices to keep your data safe.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Senior Manager Technology?

A Senior Manager Technology is a highly-skilled professional with expertise in the development, management, and implementation of technological solutions. This type of role is ideal for individuals who have a strong technical background, a keen eye for problem-solving, and a passion for developing innovative solutions. As a Senior Manager Technology, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of IT projects and systems, including the development of new technologies, the deployment of existing technologies, and the management of internal and external resources. Your career prospects in this field are highly rewarding, as you will be able to make a significant impact on the success of the company and the growth of its business.

As a Senior Manager Technology, you will be in charge of overseeing all aspects of technological solutions, from the initial design and development to the deployment and monitoring of the systems. You will need to have the ability to identify issues and create solutions, as well as stay up to date with the latest trends in technology. Additionally, you will need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a deep understanding of the various computing platforms and systems.

In order to be successful as a Senior Manager Technology, you must have the ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders, from IT personnel to top executives. You will need to have excellent project management and problem-solving skills, as well as the organizational ability to manage several tasks at the same time. Additionally, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the most current technology trends and the ability to develop and deploy new solutions.

In addition to these technical skills, Senior Manager Technology positions require strong leadership capabilities. You will need to be able to motivate and inspire team members, as well as possess the ability to think strategically and handle complex projects. Moreover, you should be able to communicate effectively with different departments and stakeholders. You will also need to have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to create effective strategies for addressing technology challenges. Finally, you should have strong customer service skills to ensure the satisfaction of clients and partners.