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Matthew Smith

Travel Demand Modeler


Over 10 years of experience in travel demand modeling. At the forefront of various activity-based modeling projects (DaySim and CT-RAMP) for clients spanning the United States. Experience in business development, project management, and staff management. Expertise in model development, calibration, validation, and sensitivity testing. Vast knowledge of transportation software, programming languages, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, and survey data analysis.


  • TransCAD
  • Emme
  • Cube Voyager
  • ArcGIS

Work Experience

Senior Consultant

Resource Systems Group (RSG), Inc.


Managing small to mid-range budget projects for developing advanced travel models for various government transportation agencies. Also, assisting in business development and managing staff. Technical responsibilities include model development, calibration, validation, sensitivity testing, documentation, and presentation.

Transportation Engineer

GeoPlan Center, University of Florida

Apr 2013

Worked on the development of Signal Four Analytics, which is an interactive, web-based system (developed in C#) designed to support the crash mapping and analysis needs of law enforcement, traffic engineering, transportation planning agencies, and research institutions in the state of Florida.

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Florida

Apr 2013

Performed data collection, scripting, statistical analysis and travel modeling. Also, worked at McTrans Center to assist in the developmnent of the HCS+T7F software development with responsibilities of performing detailed testing and working closely with programmer on corrections and changes. Also, translaed new procedures in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) to outlines and steps for programmers to implement in the HCS software..

Assistant Highway Engineer

Halcrow India Pvt. Ltd.

Apr 2007

Conducted and supervised traffic surveys like traffic volume counts, WTP surveys, stated and revealed surveys. Assisted project managers in business development and preparation of reports/ presentations for clients.


PhD, Transportation Engineering

San Jose State University


MS, Transportation Engineering

Northeastern University


BTech, Civil Engineering

Arizona State University



Nashville AB Model Update, Nashville, Tennessee.

Project Manager


Updating the TransCAD-based Nashville AB model to a new zone system, developing and integrating new demand model components, and using big OD data to calibrate and validate the updated model to a new base year.

Florida Turnpike Statewide Model (FL TSM) Tour Based Model, Florida

Deputy Project Manager


Developing a next generation statewide model in Cube that will simulate national long-distance travel using rJourney and short-distance travel in the state of Florida using tour-based resident and visitor models transferred from Oahu, Hawaii.

SANDAG Travel Model Enhancements to Support 2021 Long-Range Transportation Plan, San Diego, California

Technical Lead


Adding enhancements to the Emme-based AB model system to incorporate effects of new technologies (AVs, TNCs, micro-mobility, and telecommute) on travel behavior. Providing technical assistance in employing improvements in scenario runs.

Tulare Activity-Based Model, Tulare, California.

Project Manager


Converted the exiting Cube-based four step model (VMIP2) to an activity-based model using the DaySim platform. Assisted TulareCOG in input preparation and developed model components to build an integrated AB model system in Cube.

Oregon SWIM-TLUMIP Modeling Support, Oregon



Assisted ODOT staff with SWIM model development, primarily the select link component. Developed new procedures and updated existing scripts in Python and Java to make enhancements. Also, tested other changes in the VISUM model.

Bellevue-Kirkland-Redmond (BKR) Activity-Based Model, Bellevue, Washington



Developed the next generation travel demand model (ABM) for the Cities of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond (in the greater Seattle metro area). Implemented model design improvements that included a BKR implementation of PSRC’s Emme-based regional ABM (SoundCast), which used the DaySim platform. Calibrated and validated the revised model system to local conditions.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Travel Demand Modeler Resume?

Having a well-crafted resume is essential for any job seeker, especially for those in the field of travel demand modeling. A travel demand modeler resume should include information about your educational background, work experience, and any special qualifications that you may have. It should also provide detailed examples of your skills and accomplishments related to the position.

When writing a travel demand modeler resume, it is important to include accurate and relevant information about your education and training. This should include details such as the degree or certification you have obtained, the institution you attended, and the duration of your studies. It is also worth mentioning any relevant courses you have taken that have helped you develop your skills in the field of travel demand modeling.

Work experience is another key component of a travel demand modeler resume. You should include details such as the name of the employer, your job title, and the length of time you were employed there. It is also important to include specific examples of the tasks you completed while in the role, as well as any projects you were involved in.

Finally, it is important to highlight any special qualifications or certifications you possess that are related to the field of travel demand modeling. This could include certifications from relevant organizations or advanced training in the field. Be sure to provide tangible examples of how you have used these qualifications to help with your work.

By ensuring that your travel demand modeler resume includes all the important elements mentioned above, you will be able to create an effective document that will help you stand out from the competition.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Travel Demand Modeler?

When it comes to writing a resume for a Travel Demand Modeler, there are certain skills and experiences that employers are looking for. A Travel Demand Modeler is responsible for creating, maintaining and applying models to predict future travel demand, so it’s important that your resume accurately reflects your skills and experience in the field.

When preparing your resume, you should list any experience analyzing and optimizing transportation systems, such as evaluating and analyzing data to develop strategies for improving travel network efficiency. It’s also beneficial to highlight any experience you have developing and testing travel demand models, as well as any special programs or software you are familiar with. Additionally, you should mention any previous experience you have working with stakeholders or the public in order to gather input or provide feedback on travel demand models and strategies.

In addition to listing experience, you should also include any relevant certifications and qualifications you hold, such as a Master’s degree in Transportation Planning or a certificate in Transportation Modeling. You should also include any other special training or education you have related to travel demand modeling, such as seminars, short courses or conferences.

When writing your resume for a Travel Demand Modeler position, it’s important to make sure you include all of the relevant skills and experiences you have in the field. Listing your experience analyzing and optimizing travel networks, developing and testing travel demand models, and working with stakeholders will demonstrate to potential employers that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to be successful in the role. Additionally, including any relevant qualifications and certifications will help to show that you are a well-rounded candidate.

What Is The Job Description Of The Travel Demand Modeler?

The job responsibilities of a Travel Demand Modeler include a variety of tasks related to understanding and predicting travel behavior. This may involve analyzing transportation data, formulating models, and interpreting results. The Travel Demand Modeler must be knowledgeable in data collection, analysis, and interpretation techniques, such as qualitative research, surveys, and interviews. Additionally, they must have an understanding of transportation network design, GIS mapping, and traffic engineering.

Travel Demand Modelers must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to effectively collaborate with other stakeholders, such as government officials, engineers, and citizens. They must also be well-versed in the latest technologies in order to create efficient and accurate models. Furthermore, they must be up to date on the relevant regulations, laws, and standards.

When it comes to resume writing, the Travel Demand Modeler must be able to demonstrate their skills and qualifications in order to stand out from the competition. They should include a summary of their experience and an impressive list of personal strengths. Additionally, they should provide examples of their work, such as relevant research, reports, and models created. It is also important to emphasize their ability to work independently and as part of a team, as well as their ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Finally, the Travel Demand Modeler should list any relevant certifications and credentials to demonstrate their commitment to the profession.

What Is A Good Objective For A Travel Demand Modeler Resume?

When developing your resume as a Travel Demand Modeler, it is important to make sure that you have a well-crafted objective statement. This statement should be concise yet powerful, clearly communicating your intentions and goals for the position. An effective objective should be tailored to the position you are applying for, highlighting your qualifications and experience in the field.

When writing an objective for a Travel Demand Modeler, you should focus on the specific requirements and duties related to the job. Make sure to include any relevant qualifications and experience you have in the field in order to demonstrate your expertise. Additionally, you should include specific skills and abilities that you possess that would make you a valuable asset to the company.

For example, you may want to mention that you have extensive experience in developing and implementing travel demand models, as well as a strong command of the various software and tools used in the field. You may also want to include your ability to analyze and interpret data, as well as your ability to develop cost-effective solutions.

Your objective should also demonstrate your commitment to the job, as well as your ability to work as part of a team. Make sure to include any relevant certifications or awards you may have received, as well as any special projects you have worked on. Finally, you should mention your track record for staying current with industry trends, as this will be beneficial for the company.

By crafting an effective objective for a Travel Demand Modeler resume, you can ensure that you are conveying your qualifications and experience in the best light possible. This will help you stand out among the other applicants and increase your chances of landing the job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Travel Demand Modeler?

Travel demand modelers are an in-demand profession in many parts of the world. Those interested in this field have the potential to work in a variety of industries, including transportation, environmental protection, urban planning, and tourism. The job combines analytical and technical skills to develop data-driven models that can predict travel demand.

These professionals need to have a good understanding of urban planning, transportation systems, and the economic impacts of increased travel. They must be able to analyze data from surveys, polls, and other sources to identify trends and patterns. This information is used to create models and simulations that can be used to manage transport networks and understand how changes in infrastructure or services can impact travel demand.

As travel demand modelers become more in-demand, employers are looking for candidates with the right qualifications and experience. A successful travel demand modeler needs to have a bachelor’s degree in geography, urban studies, engineering, mathematics, or a related field. It’s also beneficial to have experience with computer programming, data analysis, and simulation software.

Those interested in a career in travel demand modeling should also consider taking courses in transportation systems, traffic engineering, economics, and mathematics. Having the right qualifications can help you stand out when applying for a job. Additionally, having a well-written resume that highlights your skills can help you get noticed by potential employers.

Key Takeaways for an Travel Demand Modeler resume

Whether you’re an experienced Travel Demand Modeler or just getting started, a well-crafted resume is essential for standing out in the job market. A great resume will make you more attractive to potential employers and can help you land your dream job. Here are some key takeaways for creating a strong Travel Demand Modeler resume.

The first step is to include a summary. This should be a few sentences which highlight your experience and the skills that make you a great fit for the position. Make sure you mention any specialized knowledge you have of the particular industry you are applying to. The summary should be tailored to the position, so don’t just copy and paste something you have used before.

Be sure to include any relevant education, certifications, and professional experience that you have that are applicable to the role. Be sure to focus on the specific duties and responsibilities you have carried out in past roles, as this will give employers an idea of your experience and capability.

Including strong keywords can also help you stand out from the crowd. There are certain keywords associated with Travel Demand Modeler positions that will help your resume stand out. Make sure you include terms such as “travel demand modeling”, “transportation engineering”, “data analysis”, and “statistical modeling”.

Finally, be sure to include a few references that employers can contact for more information about you. This can be former colleagues or mentors, or even just people in the industry. This will show employers that you are a professional and that you are well-respected in the field.

By following these key takeaways, you will be able to create a successful transportation engineering resume. Transportation engineering involves the application of engineering principles, as well as mathematics and physical sciences, to the planning, design, and management of various transportation systems. This includes highways, roads, bridges, airports, public transit systems, and other transportation infrastructures. It also requires knowledge in areas such as route selection, construction methods, traffic analysis, and environmental impact assessment. Additionally, transportation engineers must have experience in data analysis and statistical modeling to determine the best