Aerospace Engineering Resume Template

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Ryan Nathan

Aerospace Engineering Graduate


Enthusiastic graduate eager to contribute to team success through proven success in hard work, attention to detail, teamwork and excellent organizational skills. Clear training and understanding of undergraduate courses and softwares, used during undergraduate study. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in Aerospace Industry.


  • Communication & Teamwork & Time Management
  • Leadership & Taking Initiative & Responsible

Work Experience

Program Management Engineer

TSI Aviation Seats


  • Managing, assisting and monitoring ongoing customer and development projects of Turkish Airlines, Airbus, Boeing, A-Jet
  • Preparing project plans, managing the changes 
  • Reporting project status updates and progress
  • Leading meetings with customers and stakeholders

Student Assistant

NCC, Middle East Technical University

Jun 2019

  • Assisting to administrative staff 

Summer Intern

Alp Aviation

Sep 2017

  • Hydraulic network analysis for landing gear of an aircraft

Orientation Leader (Volunteer)

NCC, Middle East Technical University

Oct 2017

  • Orienting new students who start university


Master’s: Mechanical Engineering

San Jose State University

Jan 2022

Bachelor’s: Aerospace Engineering

Northeastern University

Jan 2020


Aircraft Pitch Controller Design – Dec 2018

Designing a control system for a Jetstar (an aircraft model) by using root-locus and frequency-response methods in Matlab & Simulink.

Conceptual Helicopter Design – Jun 2019

Designing a helicopter from scratch by following the traditional design methods but also implementing new ideas and assumptions based on engineering judgement.

Attitude Control of a Missile – Jun 2019

Designing a control system for a missile by using modern control system technics in Matlab & Simulink.

Control System Design of a Commercial Aircraft – Jan 2020

Designing a control system for Boeing 747 by using modern control technics in Matlab & Simulink.

Helicopter Dynamics, Stability & Control – Jan 2020

Calculating the angles of flapping and lead – lag motion of main rotor and deriving rotor forces


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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