Senior Software Engineer CV Sample

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Justin Tim

Senior Software Engineer




To expose myself to the industrial environment with a view to acquire some knowledge of work place, work processes, professional responsibilities and ethics to develop desirable attitude to work as a Computer Science & Technology graduate in Uva Wellassa University, as well as to be an enthusiastic member of your team, and to fulfill my duties in a best manner that will satisfy myself as a hardworking, dedicated individual



  • Responsive
  • .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • My SQL
  • Oracle


Work Experience


Senior software Enginner

Infosys Technologies



Software Enginner

Route Mobility Solutions

May 2017





Masters in Computer Sceicne

San Jose State University

Feb 2007


Bachelors of computers

Northeastern University

Jul 2005






Senior Software Enginner


This is an android mobile application for CEBU Pacific Airlines which include virtualized in-app loyalty membership cards, an enrolment capability, ability to message customers directly via the app, earning points, ability to reserved flights via loyalty points or credit card and many more.

The Body Shop Malaysia

Senior Software Enginner


This is an offcial android mobile application to enrich customer shopping experience for the body shop Malaysia, is the original, natural and ethical beauty brand which offers more than 700 natural beauty products. This application use PHP web services (JSON) for communicating with backend. Main functionalities are

  •   Display news and events
  •   Display offers
  •   Display product details and shops
  •   Display shops in Google map
  •   Referral function
  •   Push notifications
  •   Analytics solution
  •   Customer complains
  •   Redeem earned points etc.

CEBU Pacific Airline Project

Senior Software Enginner


This is an android mobile application for CEBU Pacific Airlines which include virtualized in-app loyalty membership cards, an enrolment capability, ability to message customers directly via the app, earning points, ability to reserved flights via loyalty points or credit card and many more.

F5 Networks

Software Enginner


Loyalty System for F5 Networks company which is an American-based company that specializes in application delivery networking (ADN) technology. The application is a event base loyalty rewards system which mainly includes event registration, earning points by event participation and many more.

Merchant Terminal

Software Engineer


Merchant Terminal app to make easiness of POS payment. This can be apply for payment, redeem top ups, points by using QR code scanner to detect members loyalty card.



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Senior Software Engineer Resume?

When writing a resume for a Senior Software Engineer position, there are certain items that should be included to ensure that you have the best chance at success. One of the most important items to include is a clear and concise introduction about yourself and your skills. This should state what type of software engineer you are, the experience you have, and the specific skills you possess.

It’s important to highlight the technical abilities you possess that are directly related to the Senior Software Engineer position you are applying for. List any coding languages and technologies that you are proficient in, as well as any software development methodologies you have knowledge of. These should be clearly stated in the introduction or featured in a separate section.

In addition to mentioning your technical skills, you should also list any past projects or accomplishments that you have achieved in your software engineering career. This could include any software you have developed, any certificates or awards you may have received, or any major projects you have been involved in.

Including a portfolio or link to a website where you showcase your previous work is also a great way to demonstrate your capabilities as a software engineer. This will give potential employers a better idea of your expertise, and will help them make an informed decision about your candidacy.

Finally, make sure to list any relevant certifications, qualifications, or degrees that you possess. This will demonstrate to employers that you have the necessary knowledge and expertise to be a successful Senior Software Engineer.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Senior Software Engineer?

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be expected to have a comprehensive understanding of software engineering principles and practices. It is essential to showcase your expertise and technical abilities in your resume so that you can stand out when applying for senior positions. When crafting your resume, you should include a list of your key skills and technical abilities related to software engineering.

Being a Senior Software Engineer, it is important to demonstrate your expertise in programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, Python and HTML. Your resume should highlight your ability to develop, maintain and troubleshoot complex software systems. It should also demonstrate your experience in software design, development, testing, debugging and implementation.

When writing your resume, you should also emphasize on your experience in database technologies such as SQL, MongoDB and Oracle, as well as with popular web frameworks such as React and Angular. Moreover, you should communicate your understanding of software design principles, software architecture and software development life cycles.

You should also include your knowledge of cloud computing, DevOps tools and techniques, and software security principles. Additionally, you should display your experience in collaborating with various teams such as product management, design and quality assurance.

By providing a list of your key skills and technical abilities related to Senior Software Engineering in your resume, you can effectively demonstrate your mastery of the field and stand out from the competition.

What Is The Job Description Of The Senior Software Engineer?

As a Senior Software Engineer, you are expected to have an extensive knowledge and experience in developing, testing, and maintaining software applications. You must have excellent problem-solving skills, be able to think critically, and be able to work with other professionals in a team setting. You will also be responsible for designing, coding, testing, and debugging software applications. Additionally, you are expected to have a good understanding of computer system architectures, operating systems, databases, and other development technologies. You must also have excellent communication skills, be able to work with other departments, and have the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.

The Senior Software Engineer position requires a strong technical background in coding and development technologies. Your work will involve developing new products, improving existing products, and maintaining the existing code. It is important to have an understanding of coding standards and practices as well as any applicable regulations. It is also important to have a knowledge of software design and architecture as well as project management principles.

A successful Senior Software Engineer should have a deep understanding of the software development process and be able to quickly identify and resolve any problems that arise. It is also important to be able to work with other departments and team members in a collaborative environment. Finally, you must have excellent communication and problem-solving skills and be able to quickly adapt to any changes or challenges that may arise.

What Is A Good Objective For A Senior Software EngineerResume?

A well-crafted objective on a senior software engineer resume can help to make your application stand out from the competition. A good objective will state your career goals and experiences in a clear, concise way that motivates the hiring manager to read the rest of your resume.

When creating your objective, it is important to focus on the job you are applying for and provide a brief summary of the specific skills and accomplishments that qualify you for the position. You should use this section to succinctly but accurately explain why your skills make you the best candidate for the job.

Be sure to also highlight any experience or certifications that you possess, as this will help to demonstrate your professional qualifications. If you have any specialized knowledge or experience that is pertinent to the role, include that as well. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are a well-rounded professional that has a great deal to offer the company.

Lastly, make sure that your objective is tailored to the specific job you are applying for. It should be compelling and concise, and emphasize your specific qualifications and experience. By following this guideline, you should have a strong objective that will help to make your resume stand out from the competition.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Senior Software Engineer?

The Senior Software Engineer role offers a wide range of opportunities for career growth. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining complex software systems. You will be a technical problem solver and work closely with stakeholders to ensure that all objectives are met. You will lead a small team and be responsible for ensuring their success.

The Senior Software Engineer role is a highly sought-after position in the tech industry, and offers a variety of career paths. Those with experience may find themselves in a leadership role, such as a manager or director. Those without experience may find themselves as a consultant or an independent contractor. Many Senior Software Engineers also find themselves working in startups, where they can help to bring new products and services to the market. Senior Software Engineers are also highly sought after for their expertise in security and encryption.

The Senior Software Engineer role offers a competitive salary and benefits, including flexible working hours and the potential for remote work. With the growing need for experienced software engineers, there are a number of job opportunities available, both in the United States and internationally. With the right skills and experience, a Senior Software Engineer can advance their career and move into management positions.

If you are looking to pursue a career as a Senior Software Engineer, it is important to have a strong technical background and excellent problem-solving skills. Having certifications, like CompTIA Security+ and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), can also be beneficial. Additionally, having the right education and experience can help you stand out when applying for a Senior Software Engineer role. Finally, having a strong resume and portfolio of work can give you an edge during the interviewing process.

Key Takeaways for an Senior Software Engineer resume

When crafting a senior software engineer resume, there are several key takeaways to ensure that you are properly presenting yourself as a qualified candidate. First, it’s important to make sure the resume is organized, concise, and includes relevant qualifications. A senior software engineer should emphasize the breadth of their experience, including the breadth of their technical skills. It’s also important to emphasize any relevant certifications or awards.

In addition, the senior software engineer resume should be tailored to the specific job that is being applied for. It’s important to carefully read the job description and make sure that all of the qualifications mentioned are included in the resume. Furthermore, it’s important to include any accomplishments or projects that have been completed in the past, as well as any relevant software engineering methodologies that have been used.

Finally, it’s important to highlight any additional experience that may be relevant to the particular job. This may include any additional training, workshops, or seminars that have been attended. Additionally, any volunteer or extracurricular activities that have been undertaken should also be mentioned. By making sure that all of these important takeaways are included in the resume, senior software engineers will be able to stand out from the competition and show that they are the right candidate for the job.