Aircraft Technician Resume Example

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Steven Scott

Aircraft Technician




Self-motivated, energetic, hardworking dependable Aircraft Technician with over 5 years experience of line maintenance on Boeing, Airbus and ATR fleet operated by CA in troubleshooting, maintaining, and overhauling aircraft and its component to ensure highest level of safety and put aircraft back to service.



  • Hardworking
  • Deviation correction
  • Communication
  • Work Efficiency
  • Safety awareness
  • Team Work


Work Experience


Senior Technician-Grade IV

Canadian Airlines



  • Served as Senior Technician for 4 years on Airbus series air crafts performing service checks, system servicing, modifications, routine & non routine inspections component and modules removal and installations (light maintenance to heavy maintenance) both on air frame and power plant.
  • Also participated in different checks of ATR 42/72 -500, Airbus 320 which was highly appreciated. Also working as task team member on ATR 72-500.
  • Attends arrival and departure of aircraft to promptly rectify last moment snags and service aircraft systems under the supervision of certifying Officer Engineering or Aircraft Engineer.
  • Troubleshoot, Maintain, and overhaul aircraft and its component including engine removal and installation in accordance with standard aviation practices and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Apprenticeship Practical Training (OJT)

CA Training Center

May 2014


During Four years of Apprenticeship Two years was OJT (On Job Training) during this practical training I worked in following areas: Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance and Block Overhaul – Airbus 310 (A-312), Boeing 777-250, Boeing 777-310, Jumbo 747-310, Boeing 737 & ATR (Check A & C) – Wing, Landing Gear, Cabin, Cargo, Tail & Fuselage.




ICAO B1 License From CAA (CA)

San Jose State University


Approved by Federal Office of Civil Aviation and approval reference is CH.122.0022.




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Aircraft Technician Resume?

It is important to include relevant information in your Aircraft Technician resume to ensure that you stand out to potential employers. As an aircraft technician, you must have the necessary skills and expertise to work on aircraft, and you must be able to effectively communicate these qualities in your resume.

Including the right information in your resume can make the difference between being called in for an interview or being overlooked. Your Aircraft Technician resume should include information about your qualifications and experience. Make sure to list any certifications or licenses that you have, as well as any relevant education or training. It is also important to include details about any relevant job experience that you may have.

In addition to your qualifications and experience, you should also include a list of your technical skills and abilities. This should include any software programs, tools, or systems that you are familiar with. It is also important to include information about any safety protocols and procedures that you are familiar with. This demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and have the necessary skills to perform the job.

Finally, it is important to provide a list of references to potential employers. This provides employers with a way to contact people who can speak to your work ethic and your qualifications.

Including the right information and providing references in your Aircraft Technician resume can help ensure that you stand out to employers and have a better chance of getting an interview. Make sure to focus on highlighting your qualifications, experience, and technical skills to help you get the job.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Aircraft Technician?

When writing a resume for an aircraft technician, the most important skills to include are the ones that show your experience and expertise in aircraft maintenance and repair. This includes knowledge of aircraft structures, engines, systems, and components, as well as the ability to perform inspections, repairs, replacements, and troubleshooting. Additionally, employers are usually looking for technicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in safety procedures, regulatory compliance, and the latest tools and technologies.

Aircraft technicians should also be able to demonstrate their ability to keep accurate maintenance records, understand complex diagrams and schematics, and use specialized tools and equipment. The ability to work independently and as part of a team, while maintaining a safe work environment, is also highly desirable. Good communication skills and the ability to work with a variety of people are also important attributes.

If you have experience in other areas, such as aircraft electronics, avionics or communications systems, this should be included in your resume as well. Many employers will also be looking for technicians who have a solid understanding of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and are current on the latest certification requirements.

When listing skills on an aircraft technician resume, it’s important to be specific about your experience and expertise. If you are certified in a particular area, make sure to include that information on your resume. Be sure to include any specialized training or certifications that you have obtained, as well as any awards or recognitions you have received during your career. Finally, make sure to include any industry-related memberships, such as the Aircraft Technicians Association, that demonstrate your commitment to the field.

What Is The Job Description Of The Aircraft Technician?

An aircraft technician is an integral part of the aviation industry, responsible for the maintenance and repair of aircraft. In this role, they are expected to inspect and diagnose malfunctions, install and test parts and components, and prepare aircraft for flight. Technicians must be proficient in troubleshooting and problem-solving, as well as adhere to strict safety and maintenance protocols.

The aircraft technician’s job description also includes performing maintenance on airframes, engines, and other aircraft components. This maintenance includes inspection, repair, replacement, and modification of parts and components. The technician must also be knowledgeable about aircraft systems, as well as applicable FAA regulations.

Due to the technical nature of the job, aircraft technicians must possess a high degree of technical aptitude and knowledge. They must be able to interpret blueprints and technical manuals, use specialized tools and diagnostic equipment, and have a comprehensive understanding of aircraft systems.

The technician must also be able to work independently, as well as in a team setting. The ability to think critically and to make quick, accurate decisions is essential. Finally, the aircraft technician must demonstrate excellent communication skills and customer service.

What Is A Good Objective For A Aircraft Technician Resume?

A good objective for an Aircraft Technician resume should be clear, concise, and tailored to the job description. An objective should clearly state the position that the candidate is applying for and list any relevant qualifications or certifications. It should also demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge of the aircraft and their ability to troubleshoot and diagnose any mechanical or electrical issues.

Additionally, a good objective should also highlight any relevant experience that the candidate may have from past positions in aviation or aircraft maintenance. This can include specific experience with aircraft systems, working with customers, and meeting deadlines. Finally, a good objective should show the employer that the candidate is driven and motivated to do the job and that they have the skills to be successful in the position.

The objective of this candidate is to secure a position as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, utilizing my knowledge of aircraft systems, past experience in aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting, and technical certifications to help diagnose and repair mechanical and electrical issues. Additionally, I possess the drive and motivation to meet deadlines and provide excellent customer service.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Aircraft Technician?

.Aircraft technicians are highly sought after in the aviation industry, making them an incredibly valuable asset to employers who need reliable and experienced professionals. As the demand for aircraft technicians continues to grow, so too do the career prospects. With the right training and experience, an aircraft technician can find a number of lucrative, rewarding, and long-term job opportunities.

Aircraft technicians typically work on all types of aircraft, from single-engine planes to large commercial jets. They must be able to troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of aircraft systems and components, as well as maintain and inspect the aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and procedures.

The job prospects for aircraft technicians are excellent and are expected to continue to remain strong. The field is projected to grow faster than average at a rate of 7-8% over the next decade, with a projected growth rate of 12% for the next 10 years. As the industry continues to expand, so too will the need for qualified technicians.

Aircraft technicians can find positions with a variety of employers, including airlines, military organizations, aircraft repair companies, and other aviation businesses. The salaries for aircraft technicians vary depending on experience, employer, and location, but the average pay for a qualified technician is $45,000 – $50,000 per year.

Overall, the career prospects for aircraft technicians are quite good. With the right training and experience, an individual can find a number of rewarding long-term job opportunities. With the continued growth of the industry, the demand for qualified technicians is expected to remain strong.

Key Takeaways for an Aircraft Technician resume

When crafting an Aircraft Technician resume, it is important to keep several key considerations in mind. A successful resume should include a clear goal that accurately reflects the type of job the candidate is seeking and should also include a summary of relevant qualifications and experience. It is also important to include a section dedicated to technical skills and certifications, as this will demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • A resume should include a section that lists career prospects and industry growth forecasts, as this will demonstrate an understanding of the industry and its current trends. By emphasizing these key takeaways, a candidate has a better chance of standing out from the competition and securing a rewarding long-term job opportunity.
  • In addition to including technical skills and certifications, it is important to include any relevant coursework and training. This will provide further evidence of the candidate’s commitment to their work and show employers that they are dedicated to the field. It is also important to list any hands-on experience in aircraft technician roles, such as working on engines or performing inspections.
  • Finally, it is important to include an Education section on the resume. This section should include any relevant degrees and certifications that demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge of the field and any other relevant coursework or training. Including a section dedicated to education will demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to continued learning and professional development.

By following these key points, an Aircraft Technician resume will provide employers with an accurate reflection of the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Crafting a successful resume will help candidates stand out from the competition and increase their chances of finding a job in the field.